Do you know clubpenguin?

Club penguin is a massive multiplayer game and there are some people who play well I guess you could call them clubpenguin geeks,like me.and I pretty sure I'm not the only club penguin geek. There are many others too and you might be one!

In this quiz you will find out just how well you know club penguin. You think you know it pretty well then take my quiz and find out! Just select the answer you think is correct!

Created by: amazon
  1. What year did club penguin come out in?
  2. Wich of these usernames is a club penguin moderator?
  3. Wich puffle color is not out in club penguin for us to get?
  4. Wich of the following is not a building in club penguin?
  5. Wich of these club penguin mascots is a pirate?
  6. Wich place in clubpenguin do you locate the game smoothie smash
  7. Which color was recently added on club penguin?
  8. When did rainbow puffles supposedly live?
  9. Which costume was not available during the 2012 adventure party?
  10. What is the book in the giftshop called that has rare items that can only be unlocked with toy codes?

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Quiz topic: Do I know clubpenguin?