Will you be the next hillcliffhorse Moderator

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This is a quiz about you... Plz know that the questions are all what happened to me.. Plz and err stand I'm skymane on hill Cliff horse plz know this will tell you will you be a moderatormoderator. I have gone through all of this I have many melt downs. So plz don't fell sad if you get a low score I have had many low scores

Are you a good moderator take this quiz to know thanks to this amazing quiz you will be able to know if you like this quiz be sure to see my other moderator one I'm freyawolf267 allso

Created by: ModeratorMissy
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  1. Are you are Hill Cliff Horse Online ragdoll by SSteven allen player?
  2. OK to the rp : you are Not a moderator you meet another moderator you are telling them how great they are and they swear what do you do?
  3. Rp: developer promotes you for stopping the moderator. What would you do?
  4. Rp: your not a moderator. And you are playing and then you say is aanyone liking my name? Then someone gets promoted the person who says it. Then developer puts up. The command help command three people do the command they all get promoted. Your hand slipped when you were gonna do it. You could of got the moderator place. What do you do?
  5. Someone that was a mod not a mod anymore. Is swearing and you are fighting nicely for her to stop what do you do?
  6. You go into another sever and 3 people are thearting you that you are not any moderator porth what do you do?
  7. You go back in the last sever. And they all come a mod is there and is standing beside you the whole time what do you say to the mod?
  8. The moderator loves you. They want you to be a moderator so bad and they tell developer. What do you thinkthink you would say to developer?
  9. You get banned for no reason
  10. Do you think you are a great moderator?

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Quiz topic: Will I be the next hillcliffhorse Moderator