Could You Become A Moderator?

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Moderators are users picked for a particular job: filtering offensive posts, banning trolls, organizing posts, etc. They are chosen on a public basis putting stress on maturity.

Can you become a moderator? Do you have the qualities that an arbitrator needs? How much qualities of a mod do you have? Well, thanks to this great quiz. In a couple of minutes you will know.

Created by: Jeeshan
  1. How many years are you on GoToQuiz?
  2. Do you abide by the GoToQuiz rules and regulations?
  3. Do you abide by the GoToQuiz rules and regulations?
  4. Are you an active user?
  5. Are you an active participant in discussions?
  6. Can you remain professional and respectable at all times?
  7. Can you work well with others as a group, to resolve an issue?
  8. Can you make decisions based on everyone's best interests?
  9. Can you follow orders given without questioning them or hesitating?
  10. Can you handle any and all responsibilities you're given at all times?
  11. Can you handle stressful situations without cracking under pressure?
  12. Can you remain positive in nature during difficult or stressful moments?
  13. Can you handle each situation you face without any personal conflicts?
  14. Can you enforce a zero-tolerance policy even on friends?
  15. Can you communicate well as you'll be using this skill the most?
  16. Can you help anyone and everyone even if it's your arch nemesis?
  17. Can you use good judgement without judging people themselves?
  18. Can you accept constructive criticism and negative feedback?
  19. Can you admit to mistakes and make amends to anyone involved?
  20. Can you read something in full without "reading into" the statements?
  21. Can you be fair and unbiased without showing favoritism to anyone?

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