Which FC'er are you?

This is a quiz to determine which FC'er you are most compatible with. There are only 6 options though, and each of those 6 FC'ers has a really strong personality. Therefore the outcome may not always be too accurate to who you are.

I might make this kind of a quiz later again, so if you want to be included make sure to sign up in the topic this gets posted in. Though when you sign up, do note that the things that get written about you on here may not always be positive.

Created by: Flora
  1. When someone insults you, you
  2. When you don't agree with what someone says, you
  3. You think of yourself to be
  4. Topics you make a lot are
  5. Do you consider yourself FC popular?
  6. Who are your best friends in FC?
  7. How old are you?
  8. What is your gender?
  9. Would you stand up for your friend in FC?
  10. Your FC motto is:

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Quiz topic: Which FC'er am I?