What chance do you have to survive a phsycic attack?

Believe it or not! Phsycic attacks are in effect in our every day lives! Whether we do it intentionaly, by mistake or without knowing it, phsycic attacks are there and this affects our mood, concentration, etc! This is a little long but i thought that i should introduce you to this topic! If you believe this its up to you! Each living organism has a energy flowing within the body, which affects others around them! This energy is the one that causes phsycic attacks! Some people, like me!, have learnt to control this ability and can resist these attacks by creating a shield, but, hey, you don't need to know all this! What you need to know is that, these energies affect us in our everyday lives and some can resist this naturaly! Whether you believe this is really up to you! You probably wondering what these phsycic attacks are, here are a few examples! Minor attacks are: headaches, dizziness, making you sleep or keeping you awake.etc! Major attacks are: absorbing your energy making you tired, and at some points even controlling you!

Please answer honestly to get accurate results! This test, yes test, is really accurate because it tells how similar you are to those who have learnt to resist phsycic attacks! I have already introduced you to this test on that long passage, forgive me, but i really thought you should know! Lets make one thing clear! This is a test that will determine how strong your resistence is! All strong resisters have a few things in common which you will see in the test! How many correct answers you get determine your resistence, so without further delay, find out how strong your resistence is! Is it strong like mine or weak as a beginners? Take this test and find out!

Created by: Kish
  1. Lets get this over and done with, what's your favourite colour among these?
  2. Have you ever felt a tingling feeling moving through your body?
  3. Can you visualize well?
  4. Do lights flicker when you around?
  5. Have you been in a certain mood, and find that the people around you have the same mood?
  6. Have animals ever acted strangely when you around? Like, a bird crashing into the wall or a dog howling or a cat hissing at you, etc?
  7. Do you find that you can feel a close friend or family member's mood?
  8. Do you believe that some sort of energy is within us all and is let out depending our mood and it affects other people's behaviour?
  9. Do you believe someone can attack you without touching or causing any physical damage to your body, but somehow disturbs your mental system?
  10. Do you believe that each person has his/her own close element, animal spirit and dragon guardian?
  11. Have you ever felt something bad is going to happen, and it does!
  12. Can you clearly hear your inner voice?
  13. Do you panic quite quickly?
  14. Have you ever had the urge to do something although you knew it was bad?
  15. The quiz is over!

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Quiz topic: What chance do I have to survive a phsycic attack?