Will you survive: a zombie attack

This is the Will you survive: zombie attack have you seen the movie tron legacy i really really want to i will later today it seems like a great movie

Lets see what you got against a group of random zombies and maybe just maybe you'll get a perfect score of zombie killing, but then again, maybe you won't

Created by: josharkevin
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  1. You are at home when the news says there are flesh eating humans attacking
  2. Your friend calls and says to come over.
  3. While on the road, you are having luck with zombies and getting in no attacks. But then a group of college students hit you with a car and laugh
  4. You get to your friends house and discover he got eaten a few minutes after he called.
  5. You get attacked by a pack of zombies
  6. You get to a mall and you find a group of survivors
  7. The survivors hate you and half of them are dead
  8. Your rage gets angry(what) How do you kill them
  9. As you leave zombies attack
  10. You run out of grenades, you dropped your machete, and your machine gun ran out of ammo
  11. You are cornered and died

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Quiz topic: Will I survive: a zombie attack