can you survive a zombie attack

there are few people who can survive the zombie apocolypse are you one of the few the proud the survivors or are you one who sits down has a beer and waits for death

are you one of the survivors or one of the walking dead are you a leader or a follower can you survive the zombie apocolypse lets find out take this quiz and lock and load

Created by: Addison

  1. If your home were to be breached by the walking dead of around 6 or 7 wat would you do
  2. traveling in groups is good would you and how many people would accompony you
  3. zombies in fact do have hypersense but what senses are increased
  4. what weapon would is recomended for survival
  5. what is the first 2nd story house modification you should make
  6. what is the name of the virus that makes you zombie
  7. what melee weapon is recomended
  8. how long does it take to reanimate
  9. what is the most important thing to surviving in a stationary home
  10. what is the best place to travel through

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Quiz topic: Can I survive a zombie attack