Survive the Covenant!

There are many people who are awesome at/play video games, now, find out if you have the grit to survive a real life Halo 3 based attack!, and if not, the teabagging station has a few slots open for people like you.

Do, YOU have even a smidgeon of a chance to "finish the fight"? or are you just a worthless boot-maggot? take this quiz to find out! (based on halo 3)

Created by: Cameron Gover

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  1. If you saw a suicide grunt come at you, what would you do? (you have a pistol)
  2. If you had a choice what vehicle would you choose?
  3. A marine pelican crashed, littering the area with weapons, pick wisely (assuming you can carry this)
  4. You are offered some sidearms by some marines who obviously think you cant handle the weapon you are holding, which do you pick?
  5. your best friend goes to take a leak, as soon as he/she goes around the corner, a beam rifle crack shot shots him in the face. you:
  6. what is the first thing you would do in this event?
  7. how many people would it take to get your lazy ass to fight and/or protect their lives?
  8. what is your house like? (assuming you stayed there.)
  9. Would you kill your best friend to save your ass?
  10. What kind of person are you?

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