Which Harry Potter Girl Are You?

Do you every wonder what Harry Potter Girl you would be? Then, this is the quiz for you! Sorry boys but, this is intended for girls only. Thanks for taking my quiz!

Please excuse any mistakes as this is only my second quiz. If you would like other Harry Potter quizzes see my first quiz: How Much Do You Know About Hermione Granger?

Created by: Melanie
  1. Harry Potter walks up to you in the corridor between lessons. You:
  2. You are staying at the burrow during Christmas holiday. Ron asks you if you want to play Quidditch with him, Fred, George, Ginny, and Harry. You say:
  3. Professor McGonagall asks for a foot long paper on Switching Spells. You:
  4. You really loath Draco Malfoy and you see he left his wand in Potions. You:
  5. You and your best friend go into the Forbidden Forest together. You are walking along and suddenly hear a werewolf howl. You:
  6. Lavender Brown asks you if you could do her Charms essay for her. You:
  7. Your boyfriend,Roger Davies has started flirting with Fleur Declour. You:
  8. Hermione Granger's cat Crookshanks, is chasing your wizard chess pieces everywhere. You:
  9. You love Care of Magical Creatures but, it has been cancelled due to snow. To pass the time you:
  10. Sirius Black was your favorite adult and then he got killed. You:

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter Girl am I?