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I know this quiz site is probably from the states, consider it. . . The U.S.A have their own quiz category! It struck me. . . Why not throw in a quiz with facts from Canada, and some basic all over the world questions, since I wasn't quite sure what those were in different parts of the world

I threw in some easy math and art questions, you're welcome! This quiz was quite random, it's the weekend and I thought. . .hey, why not! See what I can do, right?

Created by: Inloveandstuff
  1. What are 4 of the basic subjects?
  2. A fraction is also _______
  3. Shading is really important in _____
  4. If a person were to strum 2 or more strings on a guitar, it would be a _____
  5. In wrestling, you must always ______
  6. What do you do in around fifth grade that teaches you about drug abuse?
  7. True or false: Red and blue make purple
  8. True or false: Blue and yellow make red
  9. 1+1=__
  10. In Which subject do you learn about European fur trade, First Nations, and explorers?
  11. Bonus question! Chocolate ___________________

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