Could We Be Pen Pals?

In my school pen pals is just a term for best friends. Don't ask because I have no clue how that started. Stuff about me: I get in fights its my friends because I might tell them stuff they don't want to hear even if it will help them.

I'm not popular and a lot of people hate me because I'm different. I love to hang out with my close friends, but usually more than one person (ie. parties) bad things happen because people don't like me and always give me snobby attitutides.

Created by: Teresa22

  1. Just quick to explain, pen pals is an inside joke at my school that just means best friends.
  2. Are you trusting? (Do you trust other people?)
  3. Are you a good listener/advice giver?
  4. Are you sarcastic in a rude way?
  5. I'm moody. Could you deal with that?
  6. Do you say things and then regret them ever?
  7. Do your friends have to be pretty?
  8. Would you randomly start singing in a street for fun?
  9. Are you clingy?
  10. Are you random?

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