First Day of High School

What do you think of when you hear "high school"? You may think of the classes, you may think of the last school you go to, OR you may think of the romance. This quiz will show you who your high school hottie is.

Who is YOUR sweetheart? Who's that lucky guy/girl who wins your heart? Thanks to this quiz you can find out with the click of a button! (in case you were wondering, there are three boys and two girls for you to choose from)

Created by: Anna
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  1. You wave goodbye to your mom and run out of her car. You walk into the lobby and walk through the crowds to the center. You then hear "Hey, hey!". You turn around to see a boy with blonde hair there. "Um," he says to you. "Hi!" he says.
  2. (girls only) "Uh," he says again. "I think you're really cute, and uh," he sounds shy. "Do you, um, want to go out with me?"
  3. You keep walking. You then see a group of seniors talking to each other. Three guys and two girls. The guy with brown hair whispers something to one of the other guys, then walks up to you.
  4. (girls only) "Hey." he says. He speaks as if he's done this a million times. "You, me, senior dance, next week." He doesn't sound nervous at all.
  5. (boys only) "You want to fight, bro? What are you looking at me for, bro?"
  6. You walk away. You suddenly realize that there is a crowd of boys in front of you. You push through and see a girl who's breasts are bigger than her head.
  7. (boys only) She walks up to you and holds your face between her hands. "You," she says. "I like you." all of the other guys are in awe. "Let's go out."
  8. "I'm Mandy, by the way." She says.
  9. You continue walking. You see a red-haired boy yelling at the blonde boy. The blonde boy runs away. While he passes you, you ask for his name. "William." he says.
  10. You walk up to the boy with the red hair. "What happened?" you ask. "He made me... ANGRY!" he snarls. "What's your name?" you ask. "Marcus." he replies.
  11. You go out to the courtyard and see a blonde-haired girl with ponytails and glasses reading. You sit down next to her and ask her what her name is. ".... Abigail." she says. She seems pretty shy.
  12. The bell rings. One of the boy with brown hair's friends calls out to him. "I'll see you at second period, right, Andrew?" "Yeah!" the boy with brown hair replies.

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