(the best) one direction love story part 9:)

Yess i know it took forever to get this out but please please please takee meh quiz and rate and comment i was kinda in a hurry writing this just sayinn:)

You will date harry in this quiz and i know it probally wont make everybody happy sooo please comment about if you want them to or not:)thankss you guys!!

Created by: bravogrl

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  1. Before he could answer the girl comes running up and shoves youto the ground. "Cole who is that b----?!" "i dont know..." he said looking at the ground. "Um and who are you" you say still on the ground. "COLES GIRLFRIEND." you get up "Im leaving" you say then get up and walk the other direction. "Taylor!! Wait" you heard him say but tears were in your eyes and you finnaly saw a bench and you sat down and started to cry a little "i cant trust anyone!!" ever since your mom left you and your dad you haave had trust problems and this past month hasnt been helping. your heads buried in your hands when you feel someone sit next to you.
  2. "Taylor are you okay?" you hear harry say you look up and sure enough harrys sitting right next to you. "Why do you even care" you say drying your eyes. "Because i love you" "No you dont you even said you didnt" "I said i didnt want to be with you not that i didnt love you" he said looking into your eyes. Your whole body warms up and he tucks a piece of hair behind your ear.
  3. "Why are you even here?" you reply "Your gonna think im weird.." "Just tell me" "I followed you..." "why??" "because i cant stand seeing you be with that jerk" "Well you were ok with me being with a jerk like you" you say and you could see the hurt in his eyes and you suddenly felt really guilty. "My mom left me and my dad when i was 5" you say slowly. "taylor im so sorry" "Its never been the same.. i WATCHED her walk out the door. now i have problems trusting people and when i trust people and they completely disregard it... it feels like im 5 all over again and watching my mom walk out the door"
  4. "Im never going to leave you taylor" harry said looking at you. "You know i never thought you would be the first person i would ever tell that to" "Me either." then he leaned in and kissed you just as thunder starts to rumble and rain starts pouring down. But you didnt pull away and let the rain wash away all the sadness and stress you had been experiencing on this tour.
  5. Then you both jump up and start running then you go under a patio thing and he presses you against a wall and kisses you again. Your body warms up even though your soaked from rain. When you and harry were together it was crazy and disfunctional but magic at the same time.
  6. When you finally pull away he says "Taylor will you be my girlfriend? I swear ill stop being this huge jerk i have been..." "Yes" you say smiling. Then you guys ran back to the hotel.
  7. You go to your room and think about if it was the right decision you think of niall and how he was nice and cute and adorable and sweet but then you think of harry and the crazy connection between you guys. You change out of your sopping wet clothes and into a white cami with grey PINK sweatpants.
  8. You turn on the tv and the notebook was on you couldnt help but relate your life to it. How the "good" choice wasnt the right choice.
  9. How do you like the quiz sooo far?

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