Irrevocable Love Part 13

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Hello beautiful people ^.^ I would like to thank my master mind >:D for helping come up with ideas, you can say thank you tigerwolf in the comments...please?

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Created by: ilovesasuke

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  1. Wolfe braced himself for whatever might be threatening you both. Then you had seen a figure come from the woodline. You and Wolfe had seen it was Jessie. "Wolfe...they want you in on the next one to find, Tala can't pick up the scent very well," Jessie informed him. "Alright...are you gonna-," "yes...they want me to watch her," Jessie interrupted Wolfe. "Alright," Wolfe said turning towards you, "I'll see you when I get back." He gave you a big hug, "it'll be soon...I promise," he whispered in your ear, he gently bit the top part of your ear. You giggled, when he pulled away from the embrace he was smirking.
  2. You and Jessie watched him run into the woods. Now it was you and him. Jessie turned to you, "'s the wound holding up?" "Its doesn't really hurt," you said. Jessie put his arm around your neck, "well...that's good." You and him walked into the backyard and sat on the porch. It was a calm day and it was fairly cloudy.
  3. "So...what do you think we should do to pass the time," Jessie asked you. " training," you said playfully. Jessie had an interested and playful look in his eyes, "are you sure? Its very intense...and painful...are you sure you want to do that?" You looked at him for a few seconds then nodded, "mmhmm."
  4. He laughed and made wooden dummies for you and him to train with. Then after a moment, you had sparred with him. When your ice kunai clashed with his metal kunai he looked in your eyes, "watch your back." Then you had made an ice barrier around you and him. He smirked, "well done...I wouldn't have thought of that." He then jumped back. You got rid of your ice barrier and had a single fire barrier around you with a (your favorite color) flame. When Jessie was about to do a move, he stopped dead in his tracks. Then you realized that he had heard something. You got rid of the flames, and quickly went to Jessie's side.
  5. Then you had seen a guy with glasses and a big nose coming towards you. "Do you have any idea who that guy is," you whispered to Jessie. "That's Nick...believe wouldn't want to be caught by him," Jessie told you. You didn't even need to ask why, he looked like a huge pervert...even though he was shorter than you. Jessie charged towards him, you followed behind.
  6. Jessie had then realized that Nick had no special powers...he didn't even know how to fight. "Wait...we just need to catch him, he'll be an easy target...maybe we could get some answers from him," Jessie said. "If I were you...I'd like to rethink that strategic," Nick said. 'He even SOUNDS like a nerd,' you thought.
  7. You and Jessie charged towards him, then you had seen that he pulled out a blood red pill. You and Jessie kept going towards him, then you had seen that Nick had taken the pill. You and Jessie stopped to see what effect it would have on him. Then Nick had fell to the ground. "Wow...he's a wimp," Jessie said. You looked at Jessie, "what was that pill he took?" "Its a suicide pill...the Aliah Society gives them to you if you're wounded bad enough and nobody is around to help you...or if you know your on the borderline of death...and you're dying slowly," he informed you. "Oh...well...he IS a wimp," you said disappointed. You were looking forward to a good fight.
  8. You and Jessie went back into the house. He took you into the room that Wolfe bandaged you in. "Here, lie down," he said to you on a hospital-like bed. He unwrapped the bandage, you had seen his surprised expression. "What is it? Is something wrong," you asked him worriedly. "N-no...its...its completely healed," he said examining the wound, "it would've taken at least months for it to heal...but it only took two days."
  9. He sat you up and you pulled your shirt up over where the wound was, not even a scar was left. He took you in his room and let you look around. It had black walls with cherry blossoms in frames and blood red Chinese characters written on the walls. His bed was hammock-like with black fleece covers. Everything was organised perfectly. "Wow...," you said a bit breath taken. "Do you want to see something that'll really make you say 'wow'," Jessie asked you. You nodded. He opened a door that led to a giant room, he turned on the light and you had seen that he had drawn you in anime in a geisha kimono. On another wall, it had an anime drawing of you and Jessie, he was in a protective stance in front of you and you were in a kimono looking forward...with a calm look. "Wow...," you said in almost a whisper. "Told ya," Jessie chuckled. On the other wall it had an anime drawing of you and Jessie in a gentle embrace, he looked like he was protecting you in the embrace. You had looked like you were safe in his arms.
  10. He had Chinese characters under all the pictures he had drawn. "What do those say," you asked him. He pointed to the one where it was you in a kimono, "that one says everlasting beauty." He then pointed to the one where he was in front of you protectively, "that one says safety." Then he pointed to the one where you and him were embracing, "that one says I'll love and protect you with my life." You and Jessie had watched anime on his laptop. It was an anime you both love (your choice). When you looked out his window, you had once again seen the moon. He switched the anime to soothing Japanese flutes and violins. You fell asleep listening to the flutes and violins perfectly blending together. Jessie had his arm around you, you had heard the door open quickly but you didn't want to open your eyes. Jessie tensed his arm around you, then you heard Jessie's door burst open then CLIFFHANGER :D who do you love? -3-

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