~A One Direction Love Story Part 10~

You can stop your grumbling, mumbling, groaning, and moaning, because part 10 of ~A One Direction Love Story~ is FINALLY OUT! Go ahead and read it! :)

So, this part, part 10, is the first day of school for your character! How will it go? It sure does have ups and downs, now stop reading this and read this part of the series now!

Created by: Br0wnieBunny
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  1. Previously: You go to your first day of school and figure out that the building is..ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! And another positive thing..you meet friends! How will this friendship work out? Find out right here, right now in part 10!
  2. "So, Toby, Tara, how was your summer?" You ask, in attempt to fire up a friendly conversation with the two of which you had just met. Toby looks over to you, her emerald green optics shining brightly. "My summer was amazing. I went on this AMAZING camping trip with my dad, and--" she dropped her books when she started doing gestures with her hands and looked down as her cheeks flushed a very embarrassing rosy red. "Oops!" Tara looked from behind Toby, and set down her books to help Toby pick up her own. When they were finished, Toby's books were stacked in an un-neat, messy pile of unorganized notebooks. Tara couldn't help but giggle as she picked up her own books again.
  3. *BRRRING!* goes the high school bell. You start to panic as crowds and crowds of students disappear within seconds of time into different individual classrooms. Toby almost screams in terror as Tara gasps, looking around. "What are we going to do!?" Toby panics. "I don't know..let's just head to class!" Tara suggests with a hint of sarcasm lurking around in her tone. You shrug, but then nod, looking down at the slip saying which classroom you were supposed to be headed to.
  4. You look around for class 287B. Toby and Tara look at their own slips, and then they both look at you. "What class did you get?" Toby asks, looking at your card. She looks back at her own slip again, and then grins. "287B! I got that one too! Hey Tara, which classroom did you get?" Tara looks at her slip and reads, "287B. --Oh hey, we got the same classroom!" Toby smiles. "Oh yeah this is going to be awesome!"
  5. You, Toby and Tara all run to class 287B, suddenly in panic mode again. You all run and run and run until you arrive at classroom 287B, and you guys, after a heartbeat, are panting like dogs. After a few seconds, you step in, to an angry teacher stomping her foot. She looks strict with her tight bun and chained classes and very formal outfit--a sandy blazer with a blouse and a tight skirt.
  6. CLIFFHANGER! Uh oh, an angry teacher alert! What will happen next? Find out in part 11!

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