The Girl Who Lived part 45

Hey guys, been a while since I've written. Not that long ago but still more than a week. I have updated Prison Break if you want to check it out. Feel free to comment.

Oh, by the way, this is a chapter with a bit of romance. But, it's not gonna be some serious lip-lock chapter. I mean, just not yet at least. I just think it's too early in 3rd year.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. The voice responded to Hilda.
  2. "Thank you Mildred." Said Draco.
  3. "It's Hilda sir." She bowed and scurried away leaving me and Draco in the room. The room was rather plain compared to what I had expected. Knowing him, I thought his room would be covered with pictures of himself and 'I hate Potter' signs. The window showing the back of the house, gave the only source of light within the room.
  4. "I can see that you couldn't return the dress ans shoes, but where's your necklace?" He said, uncrossing his legs and stepping out of the shadows, away from the dresser that he had been leaning against.
  5. "Ah, I couldn't put it on. My eyes can't stretch that far back to see what I'm doing." I said stepping towards the window glancing outside where the set-up was almost finished. I fished out the necklace from one pocket in my dress.
  6. "I'll put your necklace on if you help me." I gave him my approval and he stood behind me trying to fidget with the clasp enough to hook it together. I could feel his cold breath on my neck. His hands would occasionally sweep against the back of my neck, leaving a tingling sensation behind. I turned around when it felt as if he weren't there anymore.
  7. "What do you need help with?"
  8. "My hair and my tie." He said. There was a hint of a blush one his fair skin but it was so faint that I would need a magnifying glass to be sure.
  9. "Alright. Where's your tie?" He pulled out a green tie, the shade of the Slytherin tie that Hogwarts students wear to identify them as Slytherin. He handed me the silky fabric quite similar to the fabric of my dress. But simply by touch, I could tell his tie was made with a better higher quality fabric. I stepped closer adjusting the tie so it fit under his collar and both ends were facing me. I straightened the silk fabric so both sides were the same length. I tied a full Windsor knot which hid the top button of his shirt. I had learned this from several people. The twins, Mr.Weasley, Mrs.Weasley and lastly a few of the servants within the Manor.
  10. "Now for the gel" Draco handed me a canister of what I thought was his precious gel.
  11. "I think your hair looks better now, not slicked back." He listened to what I had said and he escorted me downstairs and outside to the party.

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