~xxblutixx..my rolemodel~

Ok so this quiz is for xxblutixx.She rocks and if you are one of those people who don't give a shiz well you ate lost:P She is the best person/writer ever now coninue to read...

....ok if you are not xxblutixx you could still read this.If you think she's the best...RAISE YOUR BONY ARMS IN THE AIR...XD um.just kidding.I'm kinda hyper and all but enough about me this is about XXBLUTIXX:)

Created by: rvelez
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  1. Hello.It's me,Rosio(rvelez) and this quiz is for xxblutixx.Lets start at the beginning: YOU.ARE.MY.ROLEMODEL.Yes,we don't know each other well but I hope we will soon.
  2. I am so happy my sister showed me this site.So it started back then when you were around part 13 in DLMH.My sister was like"This is a really good story." I,for that moment,didn't care until she started to smile and laugh as she read it.I was like "Let me see." and she showed me.She let me read the parts that were out and I was like "Wow."
  3. At that time,I didn't have my very own phone and we didn't have a computer so I would always sat: "IS PART __ OUT?!CAN I CHECK?!" I was obsessed and she got annoyed when I always use her phone.Then I try to persade my mom to by me a phone so I would read your series.
  4. Then my sister would't let me read anymore in her phone and it broke my heart.Ever since,I haven't read more and I stop around part 14.Finally,last year I got my first phone on my birthday and my sister was like: "Now you can read her story" and I squealed in the inside..The first thing I did was look up your series.I then totually forgot what part I was in and I was like : "I'll reread it." and I did.Iv'e always loved Kris and Blake and it makes me tingle when I saw a new part out.
  5. I soon started to beg my sister to make me an account but she wouldn't so when she was like "Can you do this for me" I would always say,"Will you make me an acount?" She would sigh and do it herselfXD.And finally on September 18,12 I finally got one and now I can comment on your series and I always wanted to.Its like your famous:)
  6. Now to the present.Look at where you stand xxblutixx.Yes.You get better and better.I can't believe your'e in part 39 going into 40.Omg.I hope your'e proud of yourself and you always say that xxdarkxx was YOUR inpiration.I sometimes wish she was back to see how your'e doing.You deserve it.
  7. I always wait inpatietly for the next part of your amazing series.I wish I could write like you.You have amazing ideas and you aways think outside the box.You are sweet and when you comment on my quizzes,I litterally squeal and jump around.My sister always think I'm crazy.XD.I wish she continues to read your amazing series.She stopped in that part where _____ meets Greg and is kidnapped by logan/Quincy.I know.It's been a long time since she quit and I beg her to continue it but she doesn't.Today,she's like "How many parts do she have now?" and I anwser happily "39". She's always like "Damn"
  8. xxblutixx,you are my rolemodel and you will always be.I want to meet you in person and chat but you're probably older lolXD but who cares.
  9. xxblutixx...don't EVER AND I MEAN EVER QUIT CUASE IF YOU DO...IT'LL TEAR ME UP AND...I don't think I will continue my series.You are an awesome writer and I hope to be the first to get you autographXD

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