Reality Check:A Simple yet Complicated Love Story 6

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, I NEED A BREAK THOUGH, HA. MERRY XMAS, HANNUKA OR KWANZZA!! yay ok please stay tuned and please comment! please cuz its xmas! i can't believe it didn't snow at where im at! i wanted a white christmas!

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Created by: Rockstar123

  1. "Ah, yes. Hannah. Do you want to switch?" Mrs. Lavinburg asks. You blink. "Uhh," you say, eyeing Jake and Kathryn. Either way, you were not going to be satisfied. Kathryn sighs. "We don't have all day." Mrs. Lavinburg continues. "It's pretty simple. Or I will do the changes myself." Kathryn gives you a death stare and you look away. Jake doesn't look happy either. 50/50 chance, if she chooses. "Alright, you can choose." you say. Kathyrn slaps her hand on her forehead. You sigh. "Ok then," Mrs. Lavinburg proclaims. "Then we shall go back to our original groups. Now now, get along. No more switching. After all, I certainly do not see the harm done." Kathryn looks like she is going to kill herself. Of course, she rightfully could be envious. But it isn't fair. Why can't life be planned out perfectly for you? Why can't everything be good? Why is life lived with the bad parts along with the good parts? Why- Cameron interruped your thoughts. "Because, it's only your life that is THAT miserable." he smirks. You blush. Oopsies, you said it out loud. Now everyone is staring your way. *They're thinking that Imma creep.*
  2. You decide that sometimes being the bigger, better person is what is right. "Ok," you say. "Let's make it easy for both of us. We can't have more fights, and can we get along?" Cameron touches his har and then looks straight at you, with the beautiful blue eyes of his. "You done yet?" he says. You smack his arm. He smiles and you knew that everything was going to be ok. At least for now. "Sit down, and get to the handouts that Steven is giving out," Mrs. Lavinburg sternly instructs. I expect them to be done by the end of the period. You gander at the blue plastic clock that was on Mrs. Lavinburg's desk. Of course there was the big clock that was in every room, the one that was hovering the entrance, but you liked the one on her desk better. After all, you bought it for her for teachers appreciation day. *Ok, great. We have twenty minutes.* After Cameron and you had finished the two-paged packet, you guys sat there awkwardly and waited. "Hannah, I'm sorry I was horrible to you." Cameron apologizes. He looks away. You can tell that saying sorry isn't really his thing. You suddenly feel happy, because you were right. But then, a pang of guilt hit you, and you were lost in his eyes. Jake heard him and smirked. He said, "Cam, stop being a player. One day she's ugly, and you treat her like crap. Next day she's on fire, and you make everything ok." You gasp. Jake just called you ugly. "Dude, not cool," Cameron warns. Jake rols his eyes. "Whatever," he says. "Missing footbal for math? Not you." He walks away. A river of thoughts flow into your head. The bell rings.
  3. You were thinking, Cameron ditched football for math? How'd Jake know? What if you didn't agree to help him? Had Cameron told him before he asked you to help? Had Cameron planned to do math with you? Besides, him asking you to help was a very last minute favor. You gather your things to leave because you didn't want to e caught tardy by the hall moniters. As you were about to walk out of the rokm, someone tugs your arm. It was Cameron. He jerks around awkwardly and says, "So uh, you forgive-me?" You smile widely and walk out without answering. Surely, Cameron knows that was a yes. Ambling to your locker, you put all your books and binders in. You take your jacket and shiver at the thought of another detention slip. You didn't want THAT again. After getting your bag, you turn around to go to lunch. Insead of a clear, cut path, you wlk smack into someone. It was some nerdy hall moniter. You sigh, and stood there and waited. He stared back at you. Impatiently, you sneer, "Well, aren't you going to give me a detention slip?" He wlked away, frightened. *What was THAT about?* "Hey! I was kidding! Doris, wait!" you call. "It's ok," he says. "You're my friend. Just- Just get to lunch." He leaves. What had Cameron done to you? Being popular is losing friends. You quickly pace yourself and walk to the caf├ęteria. You smie and sit with Kathryn, Deanna, and Mark. "Why don't you sit with Jake or Sydney." Kathryn snaps. You blink. "I'm sorry. I should've sat with youon the bus, and should've let you work wit Cameron." you explain. Mark looks away. *Wierd...* "It's not that. I heard what happened yesterday. Why did you hang out with him? If you like him then just say so, because I WILL back off. But I liked him first, so anyway, either wy, it isn't fair to me." she persisted.
  4. "Kath, it's not what you think it is! We were studying for-" you managed to say before she cut you off. "Going to the latest salon and shopping isn't studying." she hissed. You tried to hide your smile. She sounded like your Aunt Debra from the mall the other day. "Honest, he asked me at the last minute! I tried to deny the offer but-" you say. "But. What." Kathryn growls. You closed your eyes, and you saw Caneron, pleading. "But he was asking nicely. If it were verse vica, you would've done the exact thing!" you say. Deanna and Mark look uncomfortable, being here to listen. "Maybe there's another guy that you might like," Mark says. "Don't start." Deanna warns. Kathryn breaths out and crosses her arms. "Hannah Miller, you're lucky that you are my best friend." You squeal and hug her tight. "So do you still like him?" you ask. She looks dead in your eyes. "No, he doesn't know I exist. I give up." she admits. "Whatever. Just know you are the bestest friend in the universe!" you exclaim. Deanna gasps dramatically. "Offensive!" she proclaims. You smile and say, "Why D, you're a heck of a good friend as well." You guys hug and it was ok. It was ok. It was ok. If only life was ok. The rest of the day was fast. Until the last bel rung. You headed down to the homework club, before detention started. No one was there.
  5. You get your folder out, and take out the sheets of homework. Then, you start working on them. You were so into the questions, after about five minutes a loud bang startled you. Looking up, it was Cameron. He laughed. "You shoulda seen the look on your face!" he teased. "Shut up Cameron." you say. Picking up your pencil, you got back to work. You can feel that Cameron is hovering over you. "The capital of Nevada isn't Cincinati, idiot." he says. "Creep. Stop that." you say. "Stop what?" he says. "Stop standing so close. You're blocking my light anyway." you snap. "Like.. this?" he says, coming closer. "Stop it!" you say. He comes closer and closer, and he wraps his arm around you. You push him off. "Then what is the answer?" you ask. He shrugs. "I don't know." he replies cooly. You smack your hand on your head. "Who's the idiot now," you tease. "Anyway, I still need help on math." he says. You laugh, nervously. "Ha, uh no, nope. Nah, no thanks. N, O, no." you stated. "Ah, c'mon!" he says. Then, Cameron digs into his bag and pulls out an iPhone. "It's yours. I owe you a new phone, but you need to help me." he bribes. You flinch. "Ok. Deal. Only because I need a phone to survive." you answer. He smiles. "SCORE!" he says. You glance at the clock. It was time to go.
  6. "We have to go." you say. "Go?" Cameron asks. "Where?" You roll your eyes. "To the north pole. To detention dummy!" you say. "Oh, yeah." he says. "I kinda forgot to tell you, but detention is canceled today and it's tomorrow." You glare at him. "Well," he endures,"On the bright side, you can help me with math!" *Good for him, bad for me* "Whatever. Where are we going to study?" you questioned. "At my house," He says, like it was the most obvious thing ever.
  7. You trail Cameron to the exit. *No wonder the homework club was empty* "My house is close so we'll walk," Cameron says. You nod. You guys walk under the interlacing branches. The bright sun shone its way.
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