Complicated Difference Part 43

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: you, paul, and wesley stumbled upon a kitchen. You ate some food and the lights cut out. Another room was found that was as if you were outside in a storm, also near some ancient ruins. You went to the temple on the right and decided to check what the ladder led to. You heard a growling sound...

Created by: pixystixlove94 of Complicated Difference Site!
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  1. You are on full-alert. Pulling your sword out and facing the direction this growling is coming from. It's a menacing sound, sending even more shivers down your spine and making you a bit frantic. The torches along the walls help show the shadow of this creature. It is large... you see the real thing. It's furry and has large, sharp teeth. It comes closer...
  2. You feel a sense of relief and release your energy. "Adam!" you yell, hoping it is really him and not an actual tiger. The growling ceases and he gets out of his defensive stance. He changes back into his real self and hugs you tight...a little too tight. "Ouch!" you yell. "I'm sorry!" he begins, "I am just so glad you are here. I heard noises from the ladder and I had thought that one of the enemies was coming back down. I just wanted to find some shelter; the room is strange and way too open. I wanted to stay here for a little bit to rest since I had a small encounter with someone earlier." You notice the blood stains on him. "It was a battle that I won, no worries," he states, with a smile, "but they did get me a little. I thought maybe someone had found me and was coming for another fight. I'm so glad it was you! Are you okay? Have you found anyone else?"
  3. "Yes" you answer, "I'm okay. I haven't had any run-ins except for almost fighting Paul on accident. I've found him and Wesley so far, but the other two are yet to be rescued." You figure it's safer down there for the time being, and warmer, so the four of you should discuss things where it's more secluded. You tell Adam to stay down there while you go back up and get the other two. Just in case, you turn invisible again; you don't know what's going on upstairs. As you reach the top of the ladder, you see the two guys just standing there, looking around, ready to fight. You drop the invisibility and call to them, startling them. Once they realize that it's you, they relax. "Are you okay? What's down there?" Paul asks. Wesley adds, "We thought we heard something but we weren't sure. It died down pretty quickly." You smile at both of them and say, "I'm fine. Just dealing with Adam down here," and all of you laughed a little. The guys smiled and couldn't wait to go greet Adam.
  4. All of you are back in that room. The torches lining the walls show that the floors and walls are still made of the old stone. There are random crates placed around the room, and water is dripping somewhere. The crates are empty, and all of you move them to use them as seats and it helps for resting. "We still need to find Erik and my dad," you mention. "We should continue on and search for them, then," Wesley adds. "Yeah... and hope we don't run into Elisa before that," Paul states. There was a brief silence, the thunder and pouring rain could be heard, though it was muffled, and the flashes of lightning showed up near the top of the ladder. You decide to mention earlier, "On our way in here, I saw a figure standing on the other temple. I'm not sure if it's an enemy or what, but I saw someone. I tried to rush us in here in case he or she means harm. I hoped whoever it was didn't see us, since apparently Elisa has some tricks of messing with our powers. But I have a feeling that temple is our only way onto the next room." They all seem to agree and it was time to set out.
  5. The four of you walk together. You're holding ________'s hand. One of the other guys is behind you, his hand on your shoulder. The third guy's hand is on the second's shoulder, so that you all are connected and it makes it easier for you to spread the invisibility. "Is everyone ready?" you ask in a light voice. They all whisper, "yes," and you exit the temple.
  6. The rain is pouring down on each of you. It's drenching the clothes you are wearing and giving you chills. It makes it a bit more difficult for you to hold onto the energy, but you still do that successfully. The walk over to the temple feels like it takes forever. It seems so much longer than it looked. Besides the sound of the rain pattering against the stone pathway and plummeting into the puddles, and the sound of the thunder booming in the "˜sky,' you hear your footsteps, on the stone or in the water that has collected on the walkway.
  7. The four of you reach the other temple and escape the rain. You take a second to look around before releasing your energy and taking a break. The inside looks the same as the other building, except that instead of a ladder, there are stairs. All of you decide to explore what's below.
  8. It leads down into a long hallway. There's a door at the very end. Everything is still made of the same stone, same ancient look. It's also damp, and the sound of the storm echoes throughout the area. The door at the end of this place looks like a very heavy wooden door. It has a dark grey knob and nothing else. You begin walking toward the door.
  9. Then you notice, to your left, that a piece of the stone wall just looks different than the rest... It begins moving and you jump from being startled. All four of you ready yourselves for possible combat.
  10. Who do you like?

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