Reality Check:A Simple yet Complicated Love Story 7

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Created by: Rockstar123
  1. Cameron guided you the way. He kind of walked ahead, and did not look back. He took out a bag of pretzels and started to toss some on the floor. You felt a smile creep up onto your face. Cameron finally turns around and sees you smiling. He frowns, and looks away. Embarrassed, you look down. You never wanted him to feel bad. "Pretzel?" he offers, handing you the bag. You shrug and take one. "Why not?" you say. You thought that he was expecting you to eat it. He looked surprized when you tossed the pretzel onto the floor. "It's not wierd," you say, smiling. "Of course not," he replies. A few seconds later, he stops walking. "Were you being sarcastic?" he asks. You smile. "Of course not," you say. Actually, it didn't seem wierd to you at all, just different. But that's ok. You guys arrive to his house, and it was gigantic. "YOU live HERE?" you gasp. He shrugs and uses his key to open up the gate. Some old guy in a suit greeted you guys. "Hello Cameron and friend. Shirley has a snack in the kitchen prepared for you." he says. "Who's Shirley?" you whisper in a lone tone. "She's the chef," he answers.
  2. "Whoa, you have a chef AND a butler?!" you say, amazed. "Don't forget Wendy! She's the maid. She's awesome, though." he says.*This guy most be filfy rich!* You two wander into his kitchen, and it was huge and pretty. China plates were displayed in a shelf with glass screens. Everything was in array, and they weren't like your house. The dishes at your house was stacked into piles, that were perilous, and denied the fact that it wasn't in size nor shape order. Cameron opens the fridge door. He tosses a milk container and two fancy glass cups with elaborate carvings. "Want milk?" he asks. "Sure," you respond. A elderly lady with white hair up in a bun walks in with a tray of cookies. "They're fresh from the oven! Dig in, kids," she sings. You assumed she was Shirley. Shirley was so cheerful, and was a great potato of a woman. "These are homemade, from the kitchen," she explains. "Wait if this isn't your kitchen, then where is it?" you ask. "Oh hun, this is the kitchen. This is the little one, the bigger one is across the hall. I mostly do my cooking there." Shirley says. *How big can this house get? Actually, I'm not even sure this is a house anymore...* As you take a bite of your cookie, you glanced around the kitchen. There was a picture framed and hung on the wall, of an about seven year old kid hugging what seemed like his parents. "Is that your parents?" you ask, pointing at the photo. "Yeah, but I don't give a damn. I kinda never see 'em that much, but I have a feeling that they don't love me." he says. If Cameron was an emotional guy, than you must be blind. You didn't see any feeling behind those words. You grimaced.
  3. Shirley smiles. "Surely he doesn't mean it," she says. He shrugs and says, "Whatever." You change the subject uncomfortablely. "Let's start math." you say, and Cameron takes out his packet. He leads you to a room with a big table and has a clear view of outside. It was facing the beach, and it was really serene of nature. You grab a seat next to him and start the first question. Well, attempt to start the first question. Cameron is very distracting when it comes to concentrating. "Ok," you say. "First, you find out what 'T' is to turn the denomitor into a larger number. Then, you-" He interrups. "How'd you braid your hair?" he asks. "That is so irrelevant to-" you began. He starts to play with your hair. "Stop that! We'll never get this done!" you convinced, hopelessly. He messes up your hair and is still trying to braid it. "You are failing, by the way," you tell him, giving up.
  4. "Then how DO you do it?" he says. "First, you take a piece..." you say. After explaining to him, he tried it again and was better at it. "Good. Well, at least better than the last time," you joked. Cameron got in front of you and turned to look at his masterpiece. Well, that was your hair. He gasped. "What?" you say. Without answering, he pulled you up the stairs into a bathroom and shut the door. It was pitch black in there, because the room didn't have any windows. "Cameron. You're freaking me out. Turn on a light or something I can't see!" you exclaim. "Ok ok, jeez, it's not like I'm going to do anything. Now first I have to find the switch..." A few seconds later, the room lit up and you stared at your reflection. You looked like medusa. "Oh my gosh, what'd you do to my hair?!" you asked. "Heh heh, nothing that a brush can't fix?" he says, holding up a wooden brush. Instantly, you grab it and start brushing your hair. When you finally finished, you notice that Cameron was staring at you. "Ahem, I think that we should go back to math," you say. "Yeah, we SHOULD, but I don't want to. Can't we do something else?" he pleads. "But you were the one who asked me to help you in the first place! We gotta get back to it," you say. "Fine," he says. As soon as you got to the original room, Cameron sits down on the chair. He takes the pencil and immediately starts the work. You stare in disbelief at how fast he is with math.
  5. "Cameron! Why am I still here is you already knew the answers for math??" you exasperated. He ignores you. "What to do now?" he wonders out loud. "ANSWER ME!!" "Ok, I was bored. None of my guy friends are fun. Besides, my football meat isn't today." he explains. "But Cameron! You should've just said that!" you say. "But you would've said no," he said. "What? I woul-" you started. Then you hesitated. Whould you have said no? Why would he care anyways? "Listen, Hannah. I am very lonely, and my parents talk to me once a week. They're never here." he says. "All my life, I would see movies of how kids would gather with their families and spend time together. That doesn't happen with me." You sigh. "I'm sorry Cameron," you say. He looked away. "Let's go outside." he says, glancing out the big window of the room. They sun poured its light onto the beach sand. Seagulls flew around and it made outside seem lively and fun. "Ok," you agreed.
  6. You guys pick rocks and throw them into the beach. After fooling aroundd outside, Cameron sat down. You sat next to him. Then you thought back to when you were little. Your mom played by the little river with you. She played one more time with you. You can tell that she was weak, but your mom was very determined and always pasted a smile on her face. The next day, your mom passed away. But even worse, you were there to witness it. It was a cold winter day, and you rolled out of bed to her and your dad's bedroom. Your dad had gone to work, and your mom was in bed. You wanted to wake her up with a grand greeting. But it was horrible. She didn't wake. You could remember every little detail about that horrible day. You called the police, and didn't go to school. It was 7:56. You couldn't take it anymore. The flashbacks were gave grief. "STOP IT STOP IT!" you screamed out loud. You look and see Cameron and he looks worried. "What happened?" he asked. You breathe, and definitely don't want to explain to him. "Never mind. I got to go. I'm sorry. Bye." you say. It wasn't him. You hoped he knew that. But your mom was supposed to be there for you. This breakdown was very dramatic. You ran home to your bedroom. Everything was too confuzing. Everything was too confuzing...
  7. But the WORLD is confusing, you decided. You felt a pang of guilt stike you, because Cameron is probably still at his house wondering what the heck got into you. *He doesn't have to know. No one has to know.* You felt tears stream down your cheek. It isn't fair. Why can't some other girl have to suffer this, not you? You pull out a box that was hidden underneath your bed. It was filled with your mom's clothes and her pocessions. Each and one of them made you cry even more. No one will ever know how hard it is, unless they experienced this themselves. People can show sympathy, and feel sorry for another, but they're just lucky. They have absolutely no idea what it's like. The waterworks exploded when you found the picture of you, your mom, and your dad on mother's day. You guys had a cake and you were seven years old. Everyone was so happy at that time. You screamed and hugged your knees. *No fair... no fair...* You cried yourself to sleep.
  8. You wake up and hit your head on the shelf. "Ow," you say to no one in particular. You walk downstairs to the aroma of chicken. "Hey dad," you say, lookimg at the stove clock. "Hay is for horses. Hi sugar cookie. How was school? I'm guesing it was tiring, finding my daughter in her bedroom sleeping like a pig."he remarks. You blush. "It was good. I had to help a friend with math today," you say. Your dad finishes making his famous chicken pasta dish. "That's great hun. Who's this friend?" he questioned. "Uh, this annoying friend. He's nothing," you reply, not really wanting to dig in details. Your dad didn't seem interested. You were glad this subject didn't go further. "How was work?" you ask. "Good, good." he says. He gets two plates and spilts the dinner. After eating it, you excused yourself. The rest of the night was pretty boring. You tried to distract yourself by watching TV, reading, but nothing worked. You didn't pay attention, for some reason. It seemed like everything was boring. You thought back to when you were with Cameron. How he made you laugh. How you had good times with him. *Good times...* He made you smile, even though he is stupid and sometimes stuck up. And he could be pretty cute... *what am I thinking? This is CAMERON we're talking about, not Taylor Lautner or something. Focus Hannah, focus.* But you were focusing, alright. So did you like him? You new iPhone buzzes. A text from Cameron. You feel really bad about just taking an iPhone without paying. But then again, Cameron is rich and owed you a new phone... So it's even right? [~~is you texting, ** is your thoughts]
  9. ~Why'd you have a mental breakdown?, Cameron texted~ You stare at it. ~Oh you're so sincere. Nice to see you too. And I don't want to talk about it~, you texted back. A few seconds later, Cameron texted, ~Why?~ You sighed. Why does Cameron need to know everything? You texted to him, ~It's very personal, and I get emotional talking about it.~ He texts, ~oh. i gtg.~ You turn your phone off and bury your head in your pillow. Then, you flick the lights off and hope that tomortow is a good day. That maybe you life is a delusion and that your mom is waiting for you. Without thinking about anything, you drift to a deep sleep. It was really cozy.
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