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  • Draco's not that bad of a guy, he's just misleaded. If you watched Deathly Hollows you'll understand that he's not actually that bad and that he's kind of cute, but he looks kind of weird in Deathly Hollows.

    sam singer17
  • OMG!!! Etta, you are awsome! You understand Draco. . . and you're right, you can't be Draco's wife, because that would make you my mother inlaw! (Scorpius is my husband. . .)

    Cool Quiz, I detected a bit of copying from mine though. . .


  • HEY LAY OFF MY HUSBAND HE'S NOT BAD JUST MISUNDERSTOOD!!!! LOL totally kidding about him being my husband, obviously (Kinda...), but seriously. He's a good person deep down!!!

  • Kewl quizz BUT DO NOTEVER EVER EVER NEVER IN UR MUDBLOOD LIFE NEVER FOREER TALK DIRTY BOUT MY HUSBAND! nah jk=) exept for the husband part and if anyone kisses him i will hunt u down and shoot u! nce quizz though u made me die laughimg at all the bad things u said about him lol

  • Ron! Hehe! :p

  • I GOTZ DRACO!!! u know... he is SORTA cute... just rude...


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