Hogwarts love story part1 GIRLS ONLY

Have you ever wonder who you would date if you were at Hogwarts? With this quiz now you can find out. From 6 choices and 12 questions you can find out.

Do you think you have what it takes to get your dream guy? Do you think you can get someone awesome? Here in just a few minutes you can find who you get through magic.

Created by: cocolates

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  1. Hi! welcome to Hogwarts! Now welcome to the Great Hall where you will be sorted into your houses.
  2. Your walking and you bump into Harry Potter and you start a small conversation. At the end he asks you if he can walk you to your dorm whats your response?
  3. Your walking into class and sit next to Draco Malfoy. He whispers: "Hey ______ i saw you on the Hogwarts Express. What your reaction?
  4. Your sneeking down the hall at night when Snape catches you. You look up at him and realize he put a spell on himself to make him the same age as you. hows your reaction?
  5. You are asked to go to Dumbledores office. Youwalk in and see he has everything you like, but Dumbledore isnt there. How does this efect you?
  6. If you were to have any pet (magical) which pet would it be?
  7. You have to battle Voldemort. You arrive at his Lair. Then you realize somethings wrong. What is it?
  8. FOOD QUESTION! chose wisely what you would put on your plate.
  9. Fav. color? im sorry if there isnt a color you like.
  10. last question. (awwwww) how would you feel if you could actually have magic powers?

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