mythical love story pt 1

ok, this quiz i didn't have a story to fallow like in x-men love story. so i had some trouble coming up with questions and ideas. i wanted to do something different. unlike those quizzes where you get kidnapped by hot guys and you all have magic powers

so i made up a world that you can live in instead of a mansion. because those quizzes kind of creep me out. i mean, even if the guys are hot, them kidnapping you to chose which one you fall in love with. i, mean, they can be good but still, i feel this is better for me. ejoy :D

Created by: firegirl88

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  1. so you wake up one morning and look at your alarm clock. you groan. you late for school again. you get up and start getting dressed. what do you wear?
  2. your walking to school and see something moving in the bushes. you go to see what it is and fall. but instead of hitting the ground, you keep falling through endless space. you see flashing images that you think you've seen from somewhere before. but just as you think your head's going to explode, you fall on the grass. you taste blood in your mouth and wipe it off. as you get up you start to look around. "what the f---?" you think to yourself. "hey, i saw you fall, are you ok?" you turn around and see two boys. one had messy black hair, dark eyes, and was pale. he had a pure-black sword. the other didn't seem to care about your pain, he seems to enjoy it. he had shaggy, sandy-colored hair and was mean-eyed. he was holding a gun in one hand. but the other...from his elbow was a long, red,...whip?
  3. before you could answer, the sandy-haired one says "man, do you THINK she's ok? she basically fell from the sky!" "why would YOU even care if she's hurt, drake? after all, you seem to enjoy others pain." drake, you guess his name is, looks at his feet. but for some reason, even though you don't know him, you feel that he's a sadist. it's fine, i'm-i'm alright." you say getting up. "who are you people? where am i?" "your in mythica. i'm nico and this is drake." said the black-haired boy. "mythica" you say slowly. "ok, am i here in 'mythica'?" "people from your world come in here. basically it's a place where book characters live together." "huh?" "i'm no that great at explaining it. it's best if fang does. fallow me"
  4. so you fallow nico and drake to where this fang dude was going to tell you about this place. as you look around, you see they were right. you see many book characters come to life. you see jace for the mortal instruments, Daniel X, and many others. you stop before a house and go inside. you see a boy with black hair, wearing all black. and on his "yo, fang. tell this girl what's going on here." fang turns around. he has black eyes and olive skin. "what's another one doing here?" he asks as he sighs. "she fell in the protal dude." "ok, well then, what's your name?" "____" "well,____ this is mythica. where one book character from each book series out there lives here. i'm from maximum ride, nico's from percy jackson, and drake's from gone" "ohhhh k? why am i here then?" "you fell through the portal. people do now and then." "so what, i'm stuck here!" "until the portal opens again, yes." "WELL HOW LONG UNTIL THAT!?!" "hard to day, look just hang in here, and you'll be fine. the worst person you'll have to look out for here will be drake." fang says with a small smile "HEY!" drake yells. "it's true dude." fang said.
  5. "here, take these." fang hands you keys. "there for a house you can live in while your here" "thanks" you step out to go to your house and bump into a blond boy with gray eyes. "watch where-" he cuts off when he see you. "oh, uh, hi. my name is draco." "____" "so, i'm guessing you-" "fell through the portal" you finish for him. "uh, yeah." "yep, now i have to stay here until it opens again." you say jiggling your keys "well, if it help, you're doing better than most. some have tried to kill themselves." "helpful" you say and leave just wanting to go to bed.
  6. you go to bed that night and dream of...
  7. in the middle of your dream you wake up and hear a noise outside. you grab a knife (for safety) and slowly walk to the door...
  8. you open the door and it's....
  9. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. ok, this is the first quiz i had to make without a story line to fallow and add to. so it was kinda hard but i'm getting the hang of it. oh, and x-men love story pt 8 should be out this week sometime.

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