Marauders Era Story

HIIIII!! I got a Quiz for you! you'll love it!If you like a Marauder and can't decide which take this quiz! I mean let's face it,the grown-ups are much cooler and have accomplished more than the trio!

Who do YOU like??? Test yourself and see who you are to be with!

Created by: Blaribbean
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  1. You get off the Hogwarts Express to find that all the compartments are full except for one with 4 boys.
  2. The first boy is with sandy-colored hair and brown eyes,the second has messy dark hair and blue eyes,the third has long dark hair and brown eyes,the fourth has light hair and watery eyes."Can I sit here?" you ask. "Sure" says the second says,he seems to be the "leader" of the small group.
  3. "What's your name?" the second boy asks."______ Flarrye"you answer."I'm James!"he answers."This is Remus"he gestures toward the first boy,"This is Sirius."he gestures toward the third boy."And Peter." he points at the fourth boy. You nod. "you a first year?" Remus asks. "Yeah,you?" "Second" he answers. All the boys nod. James smirks at you,Sirius winks,Remus smiles and Peter gives a small wave. Your heart flutters.
  4. You arrive at hogwarts and the boys start whispering something,"ssshhhh!","She'll hear you!","I want to do it!","No me!"....,"Oh,all right!"....Sirius and Remus walk up to you. and lead you into the castle watch you get sorted,(GRYFFINDOR!)and drag you out of the feast and into a secluded room and....
  6. Sorry this one is crappy!I was rushing since I'm supposed to be doin my home work right now!
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  8. i need space!
  9. well!next one will come out in March I expect! PLEASE COMMENT OR RATE!

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