A vampires story #4

This is the fourth of the series a vampires story full of vampires and werewolf's. it's a fun and scary and adventures story. It's a fun story to read.

A vampires story is a long fun and scary and adventures story full of vampires and werewolf's and war the greatest war known to man kind. Please have fun reading it.

Created by: Michael100
  1. Ok I'm back with part four of the series a vampires story some of you thout it was different story like books but no it's all one part okay.
  2. Here I go lets start
  3. The black figure started to enter the window. Jake was frozen he tried to move but he could not. The figure went to jakes bed and jake felt pane on his neck and then it went black.
  4. In the morning on satureday jake woke up on the ground with a headache. He whan't to see his reflection and he looked stronger and his skin was paller then normal and he was raelly hungry. When he wheat to look out side the sun light hit his face and pain hit jake on his face. He jumped back from the window as the pain seesed.
  5. Jake get down here now or you will be late said jakes mom loudly!!! Coming mom just a minute. Jake got dressed and went down stairs to eat some cearel. Yuck!!! Mom what's rong with this food it tastes raelly bad said jake spitting it back into the boul. Jake that's your faveret cearel said jakes mom.well not any more I'm not going to set okay I'll just go to marks house said jake grabbing a hoody and hat.
  6. Hay jake why do you have a hoody and a hat on in the middle of the summer said mark oddly. Becous it's chilly and the sun gets in my eyes said jake. Oh ok come on let's go play chess my dad got a new set said mark. I'm going to see lucifer real fast I'll be right back ok said jake.
  7. Lucifer we need to talk. What...... Are you sick you don't look so good said lucifer. I need your help this morning I looked at my reflection and I look different I don't like normal food I can't get into the sun or it hurts and you hide in the shade so you mite know why please help me said jake. Jake follow me and fast hurry come on said jake frightened.
  8. All done for now
  9. Rate and comment please
  10. Should I make more

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