A vampires story#1

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I whanted to make a quiz that had magical vampires and werewolves and adventur. I would like for you to rate and comment this quiz I would like for you to.

Have you wanted to read a scary and magical and adventures. But now I made a quiz just like that now go and take more quizes from me or others. Thanks.

Created by: Michael100
  1. Okay this is my first story quiz set so I would like you to rate and comment on my quizzes. And tell me how I did okay.
  2. It was a warm summer day in march 1876. And jake was out side on his porch thinking of what he was going to do that day. When he heard his mom call him in for lunch.
  3. Okay mom just a minute.I'll be right there in a sec jake said loudly. Once jake was inside his mom gave him his sandwich. Go and see that new family that just moved in okay. Jakes mom said Nicely.
  4. While jake was on his way to the family's house he saw his friend mark. Hay mark yelled jake. Hay jake what are you doing here said mark. My mom told me to go see the new family down the street said jake. Oh okay just be careful that family is really strange said mark. I will be careful. So what are you doing here said jake. I just went to see that family so I'm going home see ya said mark. Ya see ya at school tomorrow said jake walking away.
  5. When he got to the front of the house he looked at it. It had broken windows with wooden planks on them. The house was black as night and the door had a bat in carved on it. Right be fore jake nocked the door opened a tiny crack and a man in a black cloak on and a big hat on his head. Hello said the man. Hi I'm jake I live over in that brown house said jake. Hello jake my name Is drake and my sons name is Lucifer. And when he said that name a kid in a black shirt with a base ball hat on he looked like jakes age.
  6. So how did I do so far.
  7. Should I make another one.
  8. ...
  9. Did you like the first part of the story
  10. Rate and comment

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