What do you know about real vampires?

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Vampires are all over television and movie screens, and all over the Internet. But how much do you really know about actual vampires? See if you can separate fact from Hollywood fiction.

This ten-question quiz will help you determine your vampire IQ. If you can't get at least eight of them, you may want to avoid going out at night until you learn.

Created by: Carden Blackthorne
  1. Let's begin with an easy one. In the sunlight, real vampires:
  2. Which of these is NOT an actual category of vampire?
  3. Personality-wise, sanguinarian vampires tend to be:
  4. Personality-wise, psychic vampires tend to be:
  5. Of the following powers vampires have in the movies, which of the following do they actually have?
  6. How long do vampires live?
  7. True or false: It is impossible to "make" or "turn" a human.
  8. Vampires tend to wear:
  9. Vampires prefer to be active:
  10. Of the following weaknesses vampires are said to have, which do they actually have?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about real vampires?