Are You a Vampire or a Fake

do you belive in vampires? that there the undead? that they feed on inicent humans? vampires are all around you. they are the undead.but not evil they have hearts to.

vampires walk amoung you they feed on people. you could be one your self and not even know. takethis quiz to find out the truth? are you a vampire or a fake?

Created by: Tia Salvatore

  1. does the sun bother you i anyway?
  2. do you ever feel hungry but when you eat a lot of stuff it still dosent help
  3. do your canine teeth ever get sharp when you bite something?
  4. are you a fast runner
  5. do you have a lot of friends?
  6. are you smart?
  7. are you allergic to garlic
  8. are you scared of crosses
  9. are you allergic to vervain
  10. are you strong

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Quiz topic: Am I a Vampire or a Fake