Which of Raxy's Vampires are you =O

Raxy has lotsa vampires =D Find out wich one you are! Are you Virus? Zane? Dahvon? who knows! you wont unless you take this quiz of undead awesomeness! 83 Maybe you are as awesome as Raxy's manly vampies are meant to be.

... Why do I need a second paragraph? Take eeet you know you wanna. I'm taking up room here! I need words! and I don't really feel like counting my letters! 8D. I'm not counting. is this good? Man these guys are specific and a bit needy.

Created by: Raxma
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Someone calls you a name from a little ways away but you didn't quite hear them you...
  2. The word that best describes you is...
  3. Your Favorite kind of music is...
  4. Someone hurts or threatens someone closse to you, what do you do?
  5. Someone says, "Your weak!" You say,
  6. Pick a country (you don't have to be from there)
  7. What are your views on the human race?
  8. The person(people) you care about most is(are)..
  9. Reading?
  10. Do you believe Loyalty is a good quality?

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Quiz topic: Which of Raxy's Vampires am I =O