Do you know Vampires?

This quiz is to test you on vampires. These questions are pretty tricky for those of you that can't tell the difference between Porphia and Renfields but it is pretty sweet when you read that you got the title "Ultimate Vampire Master".

At the end you will be rated and split into groups from the lowly maggots and ankle biters all the way to Ultimate Vampire Master where you could join me and rule the world.

Created by: Chelsea
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  1. Which vampire is best known for living numerous lives throughout history?
  2. What wood do vampires react most to?
  3. What is the rightful name for Clinical Vampirism?
  4. Which mythical vampire creature is said to suck blood from goats and other animals?
  5. Which of the following vampires lived from 1431-1476?
  6. Which vampire invented the "Iron Maiden"?
  7. The following questions are true or false: Erzsebet Bathory bathed in virgin blood to look younger?
  8. Vlad Dracul is "Dracula"s father
  9. The Draculas name is really Vlad Dracul
  10. Vampires are allergic to garlic.
  11. All vampires are the same
  12. Ya mum is a vampire?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Vampires?