How much do you know about real vampires?

if you got a good score on this test you really are a good believer in modern vampires. They are really real. At least i know that. I have great pride in you for taking this test, Just kidding lol.

Well if your seeing this you should keep going cuz this is a fun out of your mind test. Yep mirth test the best mirth test you will ever see in your whole life lol enjoy.

Created by: Imanni
  1. Do Vampires burn in the sun?
  2. Can vampires have phsyic ablities?
  3. Do you beleive Vampires are real?
  4. How often do vampires need blood?
  5. Do you think vampires are hostile?
  6. Do you think vampires can get pregant?
  7. Do you believe they can have super strength?
  8. I so wanna be a vampire do you?
  9. Are you a vampire?
  10. Vampires can sense that your looking at them is this true?
  11. Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about real vampires?