A vampires story#2

This is the sequel to the series of a vampires story. Thank you for taking this quiz series. I will make more of the series. I thank you again thank you.

I need more people to take the quizzes of min so I can make more but I thank you for taking the first of the series now you will take the second one. I like vampires and werewolf's and magic.

Created by: Michael100
  1. Hay I'm back with the second part of the series.
  2. Did you like the last quiz.
  3. Time to go
  4. Hi my names jake said jake. Hi jake I'm Lucifer said. My mom told me to come see you since your new in Transylvania. Thank you for coming here to say hi said drake. Well I have to get home now will I see you at school said jake. Ya you will see me tomorrow said lucifer.
  5. When jake got home he saw his dad walking to the door. Daaaadddd!!!! Yelled jake. Hay dude what are you up to said jakes dad. I went to see the new family that just moved in to town said jake.
  6. When jake got into bed he heard wolfs howling outside in the forest. It's not a full moon tonight it's only a half moon whispered jake to him self.
  7. In the morning jake heard his mom called him down stairs. Coming mom said jake. Mom I heard wolfs howling last night and it was not a full moon said jake. That's strange but you need to eat and get to school or you will be late said jakes mom. I'm going said jake.
  8. Hay look its lucifer said jake. Why does he were that hat all the time said mark. I don't know but it does not matter come on let's go see him said jake.
  9. Did you like it
  10. Will you rate and comment and should I make more.

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