A vampires story#3

This is the third part of the a vampires story series. I whanted to make a fun scary mysteries and adventures. And I needed some exp so that's that I'm done for now.

Peaple all whan't to have a good story hears mine. It's a fun scary an adventures story with vampires werewolf's and peaple dieing in a Great War against the forces of vampires against the forces of werewolf's have fun.

Created by: Michael100
  1. I'm back now with more of the series.
  2. Ok now here I go
  3. Hay lucifer how are you said jake. Oh hay jake I'm good you said lucifer. I'm good so what class do you have next said jake. Math but I'm already good at it said lucifer. Mmmm... Not to be meen but why do you ware that hat all the time said mark. Oh this it keeps the sun out of my eyes my eyes are sinitive to the sun light said lucifer.
  4. Oh sorry for asking said mark. It's all right I'm fine with it said lucifer. Rrrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnggggg. That's the bell time to go to class said see ya lucifer, mark said jake.
  5. After school jake went to marks house and played chess. Ha there goes you queen and your two knights said mark. What time is it said jake. 5:30 why do you whan't to know said mark. My mom needs help cleaning the house out today so see you tomorrow said jake.
  6. Mom I'm done cleaning my room now said jake. Ok get some food and go to bed ok said jakes mom. Jake ate his soup and went into his room and sat on his bed. In the middle of the night jake heard snapping twigs out side of his window and a black figure stood out side of his window.
  7. All done now ya
  8. Did you like the quiz
  9. Will you rate and comment on it.
  10. Should I make more

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