Leviathan Academy (WWYFF)

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You go to a new school which is not normal at all. You meet five different guys who all seemed to be different see what guy you will get in this quiz of Who Would Fall For You?

This is only the introduction of the series so I'm sorry if you don't get to know all about the guys and hopefully you get a guy that you like and is like you.

Created by: StaciaBVB

  1. It's your first day of school what are you wearing?
  2. You were waiting for the school bus to come to your small town. You were the only one standing in front of the stop sign that was glossy red and showed no sign of age. You pulled out my I-pod looking to past the time. What were you doing?
  3. After a while a black Porsche stopped at the stop sign and rolled down its window. You saw that it was a boy who went to my last school which I got kicked out of because why?
  4. "________, where are you going to school now?" He asked me. You pulled out the ripped up flyer that your parents gave you. You had to piece some of the letters together because of its rips but you finally saw the name at the top of the flier. "Um Leviathan Academy," You told him. He looked rather frighten for a second. He was about to speak but a school bus pulled up. This though didn't seem like a regular bus it wasn't the happy and inviting yellow but a black and blood red bus. "I have to go," You say turning back to where the Porsche was to find that it was no longer there. You bushed it off as he needed to go to school or something. As you walked into the bus to find that all the windows weren't allowing any sun in but the lights inside were brightening up the inside of the bus with a red glow to it. You noticed the only empty seat was in the back. As I was making my way to the seat the bus jerk as it began to move. You fall into someone's lap. You looked up at the person to find that he had black eyes which made me feel rather as if I fell on the devil's lap. "You might want to be more careful I'm only giving you a break since your new and don't know who I am." He told me in a voice that sent chills down my spine. You made my way to the back of the bus once again luckily you didn't fall into anyone this time.
  5. As you arrived at the school you found yourself in a horror movie not the United States. The school was surrounded by the woods which trees seemed to be taller than skyscrapers which covered the school letting no sun light to penetrate through. Looking at the school you could have sworn Dracula was going to come out any minute. You looked at the schedule that you were giving to see that you had gym first today. The schedule also seemed messed up considering that each day I had different classes for each period and none that you had before that day. "˜Must be because there a high educational school.' you told myself as I made my way to the gym.
  6. When you arrived at the gym the first thing you noticed was there was 5 different groups. One was the rebels who were all wearing leather jackets and skinny jeans. You also saw a few tattoos. They were glaring at another group who seemed to be jocks. They were rather tall and tans that looked as if they lived outside in the sun. You looked at the other groups to see it was basically a regular school there were nerds who were pale, class clowns playing jokes on other people, and even mysterious kids who seemed to not make a sound when they moved.
  7. "˜Maybe this school will be okay,' you thought to yourself as the gyms doors opened and in came five guys. The first was wearing neon colors. His hair was obviously dyed the multi colors it was. The other guys were less colorful. The second was wearing all black and had black hair. The next guy looked albino though he had gray eyes that looked lifeless. His gray clothes didn't help the case. The other two looked as if they were putting on a show for everyone else. One seemed to be a jock tall and muscle while the other was the boy you fell on in the bus. He saw me and seemed to stare which made the rest of the group do the same. You saw that the jock had said something which caused the boy you fell on to punch him. Maybe it wouldn't be so great. Pick a guy?
  8. Pick a hair color
  9. Pick one?
  10. Favorite symbol?

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