Balderdash: First Challenge

Ever wonder if you have the gift of gab? Do you believe you have a silver tongue? Can you pick out a fake from a mile away? Are you a downright good liar? Are you just too smart to bluff? Here's your chance to prove it!

Alyssa, Audrey, Kier, Adam, Mo, and Steven have decided to let you in on their session of "Balderdash"! You're given a name, word, initials, a movie title, or strange law and you must chose the correct definition, description, or synopsis from amongst very plausible but very wrong answers provided by your friends listed above. Good luck!

Created by: Adam

  1. Who is Irwin Cox?
  2. In Boston, Mass. you are not allowed to take part in...
  3. MOVIE MADNESS! "Get to Know Your Rabbit"
  4. P.H.O.B.
  5. In, St. Anthony, Idaho, it is illegal to read...
  6. MOVIE MADNESS! "The Cow"
  7. Define "spong."
  8. MOVIE MADNESS! "Beyond the Doors"
  9. In Apple Valley, California it is a criminal offense for a duck to...
  10. MOVIE MADNESS! "The Georgia Peaches"
  11. Who is Shalmit Dohzin?
  12. Define "haptodysphoria."
  13. MOVIE MADNESS! "The Adventures of El Frenetico and Go Girl"

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