Are you high school, elementary, or college

Well, you must be happy, now you got your results. Don't be sad, you can't snag them all! You should try very hard in school to have a good life when you graduate.

If you get a rank that doesn't match the school you go to, try harder next time. Grades, are your future. If your grades are low, you will have a dark future

Created by: Kaylo
  1. Hmmmmm.... What is the area if a triangle whose base is 2mm and height is 4mm
  2. Who was the first US president
  3. What is the kingdom of bacteria
  4. What is the nearest star to the earth
  5. So, the house of Tikoy is 30m away from his school. If he runs 7m/min, what amount if time will be used in running to school?
  6. What is the oldest form of bacteria
  7. What is Naegleria Fowleri??
  8. What is the fungal parasite that uses ants as slaves (hint:the same ones that is featured in the game The last of us)
  9. What is more acidic, pH 1 or pH14
  10. This acid has a pH of -25
  11. 2x+3y=5 3x+2y=7 This is a simultaneous equation
  12. Hey-o last question what is 4x(6y+7z)
  13. In the space race, who was the first man in space
  14. When was the US independence
  15. The first world war was 1914-1918, when was the second world war?

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