Which Major Should You Choose?

Deciding on your college major is a big step"”congratulations! These 12 short questions will help you narrow down your interests and suggest college majors that might look good on you.

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  1. I like to help people, like my classmates and peers, when I see a need.
  2. I am always discussing current topics"”TV Shows, News, Hot Issues"”and debating or blogging about them.
  3. I am very interested in learning about how things work.
  4. Healthiness means a lot to me. I exercise regularly and am very food-conscious.
  5. I enjoy being creative, and spend time creating things outside of the classroom.
  6. What would you rather do in your free time?
  7. Would you rather study, create/discover, or do you like both?
  8. Which of these would you consider a role model?
  9. Which of the following sounds like the most fun?
  10. If you could pick any city, which would you choose?

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