sleepover with naruto

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Have u ever want to be a bf with sakura or hinata or ino? Well u can just look on paragraph two to see the steps to eternal love.EPICNESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step one choose the best choice there. Step two invite them in a good way. Step three u gotta act cool and do actions with them or cool moves. Those are the three special steps u need to know.

Created by: domos---

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  1. U are planning a party. U got dj,food,indoor pool, and a bouncy house.
  2. U call sakura what do u say
  3. Sakura is definitely comin. Now u text ino.
  4. Ino is COMIN. Now u text hinata.
  5. Ding dong girls are at it place.
  6. It's time to go to the pool first
  7. Next is to dance on the dance floor.
  8. Last was the bouncy house
  9. Time to sleep who do u sleep with
  10. The end of sleepover with natural bye peoples

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