Did You Fail 5th Grade

This is a quiz to test your knowledge of 5th grade. The topics covered will be Math English/ELA Science History Geography. Your knowledge of 5th grade will alter your score in the end.

You must click only one answer and make sure to answer every question because if you miss one, your score will be very low. Make sure to put the purest and truest answer to you.

Created by: Elera
  1. What defines an isosceles triangle?
  2. Ann has 9.5 apples. She wanted to give apples to her 2 friends. How much will they get?
  3. What is PEMDAS a mnemonic for?
  4. The USA has 1,783 soldiers. They want to put them into 4 equal groups. How many soldiers will there be in a group?
  5. 2 3/4 x 5 6/7
  6. Give an example of a linking verb
  7. Is this sentence transitive or intransitive verb? "He gave her best friend a gift."
  8. What is another word for gloomy?
  9. What does devour mean?
  10. What is realistic fiction?
  11. If you hit a golf ball, a cotton ball, and a baseball with an equal amount of force, which will accelerate the most?
  12. How does energy from the sun travel to the earth?
  13. What is an organism called that only consists of one cell?
  14. Which of these things eats dead organic matter and puts it back into the soil?
  15. A behavior that is coded into an organism’s DNA is known as:
  16. Which war was fought between the north and the south regions of the United States?
  17. This was the president of the Confederate states during the U.S. Civil War.
  18. True or False? The Civil War ended in 1861.
  19. What causes a geyser?
  20. What's the capital of New Hampshire?

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