Which math grade are you in?

Everyone knows how to do simple math but some can tackle even the hardest college level questions. It could be you. You might be able to tackle questions way beyond your current grade level

What math grade level should you be in? Can you solve high school even senior level questions? This quiz has questions ranging from first grade to even senior level questions. Justin take a few minutes to find your level!

Created by: AthenaRox101
  1. Let's start simple- First Grade (easy): 4+3=
  2. First Grade (harder): 15-9=
  3. A little harder but still easy- Second Grade (easy): 2x4=
  4. Second Grade (harder): 48/6=
  5. Third Grade (easy): 2+7-5
  6. Third Grade (harder): 8+45/9
  7. Fourth Grade (easy): 17x6
  8. Fourth Grade (harder): (4/7)+(10/14) Simplify it
  9. Fifth Grade (easy): How many sides are in a nonagon?
  10. Fifth Grade (harder): A triangle has three angles. Two of the angles are 86 degrees and 32 degrees. How many degrees are in the third angle
  11. Sixth Grade: What is 6 to the third power
  12. Sixth Grade (harder): 3a+7=4a+2 What does a equal
  13. Seventh Grade (easy): What is the prime factorization of 225?
  14. Seventh Grade (harder): A right triangle's base is 6 inches. The hypotenuse is 10 inches. How long is the height?
  15. Eighth grade (easy): You get a loan for $2500 with a simple interst of 16% for 3 years. How much to you have to pay back?
  16. Eighth Grade (harder): 7a+4b=36+2a b=4 What does a equal?
  17. Ninth Grade (easy): A hemisphere is on top of a cylinder. They both have the diameter of 6 and the cylinder has a height of 5. How much is the volume of both objects to the nearest tenth.
  18. Ninth Grade (harder): 3xy-21x+2y-14=0 (don't worry even I don't get this) Find the value of x and y
  19. Tenth Grade--aka sophomore-- (easy): −5(1 − 5x) +5(−8x− 2) = −4x− 8x Find the value of x
  20. Tenth Grade--aka sophomore-- (harder): Aaron, Beth, Candance, Darvel, and Emil ran around a track as part of a fundraiser for their school. Aaron ran first, and then when he was tired, beth ran. When beth got tired, Candace ran, and so on. By the end of the fund raiser, they had run a total of 30 miles. Aaron and beth combined ran 40 percent of the total distance, beth and candace combined ran 34 percent of the total distance. Candace and darvel combined ran 40 percent of the total distance and darvel and emil combined ran 41 percent of the total distance. How far did Candace run?
  21. Eleventh Grade--aka junior-- (easy): If the 7983 mi flight takes 15 hours and 5 minutess, how many miles are flown after 20 hours?
  22. Eleventh Grade--aka junior-- (easy): The width of a rectangle is 12 cm less than the length. The perimeter is 156 cm. Find the width.
  23. Twelfth Grade--senior--: A star-polygon is drawn on a clock face by drawing a chord from each number to the fifth number counted from that number. That is, chords are drawn from 12 to 5, from 5 to 10, from 10 to 3, and so on, ending back at 12. What is the degree measure of the angle at each vertex in the star-polygon?
  24. Bonus Question: How much is "tau" (to nearest hundredth)?

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