Second Day of High School

Who is your high school sweetheart? Who is your luvvy-duvvy ball of love? Is it a jock? A nerd? A preppy? Or is it just a normal student? Maybe you'll even get your best friend!

Who are YOU going to get? Will you get a freshman, a sophomore, a junior, or a senior? Only you are the person who can find out! Find out by taking this quiz!

Created by: Anna

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  1. You run out of your mom's car. You are so excited to see (your result for part one) again today! You start walking over to your sweetheart, but someone blocks your way. You look up to see the biggest high school student you've ever seen! "I'm Kevin." he says.
  2. (girls only) "Hey, how are you doin'?" he almost hesitates to ask. "I'm, um, doing well." you reply. "So, you wanna go to the senior dance with me next week?" he asks.
  3. You keep walking, but then someone taps on your shoulder. You turn around.
  4. (girls only) Marcus is there. "Um, do you want to, um, see a movie or something next week?" he asks.
  5. (boys only) It's Mandy. She grabs you and says "Kiss me!".
  6. You keep walking. You see a girl with short red hair. "Hi, I'm _____. What's your name?" you say. "... I'm Emily." she says.
  7. (if you asked Abigail to date you) Someone turns you around. It's Abigail. "I've made up my mind, I want to go out with you!" she says, smiling.
  8. (if you asked Emily to date you) "Ok. How about next week?" she says.
  9. (girls only) "Um, hello." you hear someone say. You turn around to see a guy with dark blonde hair. "My name is Lucus and, um, do you, like, want to, um, go out sometime?" he asks.
  10. You walk out to the courtyard and see two girls talking. You recognize one of them. "Sammie?" you say. "Oh, hi!" she replies. "This is Bethany." she says. "Hallo!" the other girl says. "She's from Germany." Sammie says as Bethany nods.
  11. (boys only) You walk back into the lobby and Bethany follows you inside. "You want to see movie, together?" she asks.
  12. (boys only) You walk back out. "Um, I know this is really awkward, because we're friends, but..." Sammie says. "Do you want to, like, um, go... out?"
  13. The bell rings.
  14. Who do you want your result to be?
  15. Who do you want your result to be?

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