Can you join the turtle empire?

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The turtle empire was made to be strong just like the relationships inside of it. This quiz is made for members of The Geneva School, particularly ones in 6h grade in 2016. (7th grade in 2017 etc.)

Can YOU become a citizen, or maybe even something higher? I don't know! You'll have to take the quiz. Good luck! Don't be a spud! Well- See you at school.

Created by: TurtleBoi
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Question 1: Do you feel that you can take responsibilities of being a citizen of the turtle empire?
  2. Are you comfortable with dealing with spuds? (Criminals or unaccepted citizens)
  3. Are you comfortable with fighting in a war?
  4. Have you had experience eating a turtle?
  5. Choose your opinion of the emperor.
  6. Would you like to be a part of the empire?
  7. Are you Jacob Sartorious?
  8. Would you like to donate to the empire?
  9. Do you know war strategies?
  10. Would you consider yourself as intellectual?
  11. Have I told you beforehand that you are banned from the turtle empire?
  12. Are you a potato?
  13. This is the last question! Did you randomly find this quiz online?
  14. Would you like to have a higher title, or just be a citizen?
  15. Thank you for taking this quiz! (Answers have no effect)

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Quiz topic: Can I join the turtle empire?