R U A Major Vampire Kisses Fan?

I created this cuz I'm crazy bout these books. They ate the best thing in the world! If you like them too tale this quiz to see how well you know the books and of your a major fan or not.

Do you love vampire kisses? If so take this quiz to see if your major fan. This quiz is the perfect way to see if you actually live the books or not.+_+

Created by: Anne

  1. When dose Raven first see Alexander?
  2. What dose Subation's hair look like
  3. Who is the author
  4. What dose Raven call her little brother?
  5. Where did Luna and Jagger camp out while in dullsville
  6. Who is Trevor secretly in love with?
  7. What hill dose Alexander live on?
  8. What are Raven's two favorite brands
  9. What kind of clock dose Raven have?
  10. What color are valentin's eyes?
  11. What color are luna's eyes?
  12. What color are jagger's eyes?
  13. What color are akexander's eyes?
  14. What is Ravens style?
  15. What is beckys style?
  16. Who is Becky dating?

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