Spell of love...2

Thanks For those that gave me comments!!! Sky: blond hair, blue eyes. Chris: Blong hair, green eyes. John golden brown hair and black eyes. Austin: ??? Drake: black hair and ocean blue eyes!

Thanks For those that gave me comments!!! Sky: blond hair, blue eyes. Chris: Blong hair, green eyes. John golden brown hair and black eyes. Austin: ??? Drake: black hair and ocean blue eyes! Please comment

Created by: singin234

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  1. (for a recap: someone creeping up behind me) I spun around and saw Sky. I smiled, I had got scared then. Sky's blond hair moves with the wind and my heart beats faster. Sky's white teeth stand out, now this is what I saw in the vision. Not the other time?? "Sky" I said looking into his blue eyes. He smiles and hugs me "Oh you idoit" he whispered in my ear. I am about to snap something back at him but he just keeps hugging me. I see at shadow in the bushes l, a human shadow "Sky, a-a shadow" I mutter to him but he just let's go of me and says "ok but I got to try something" he leans in the kiss me when BAnG! Sky is punched in the head "Sky? Sky!" I said in fright. I look around for who did it and my eyes land on a face I have seem before...John. Sky falls onto the ground "Sky! John, what the hell were you doing!" I yell at him. John dose nothing but walk away, I run up and grab his shirt "John!" I yell. He stares at me and pushes me over, I land on my butt. He looks coldly at me "he was going to kiss you" John told me. I Shook my head in anger "I knew that!! Why you punch him?" I askes still mad. I stand up and brush myself off "he is not right for you" John told me. Then he started walking away "John" I yell to him. He dose not turn around but I don't go after him...this time
  2. I stay with the fallen Sky who wakes up at 6:30pm. Before he wakes I look at him, he is cute when he sleeps. But I feel bad for him, I really do. Dumb John! What was the thinking, saying "he is not right for you" those words go through my mind, over and over again. Sky slowly opens his blue eyes "Oh Sky! Are you ok?" I ask him. He nods and asks "who punched me?" I didn't know what to say and then something in my mind told me to lie. I looked away "I don't know" then the voice said 'better lie' I stood up "I didn't see anyone, I...looked around and I saw someone going into the shadows but I didn't want to leave you" I told him. He nodded and stood up "well I got to go, see you around...Ally" he said and walked away. After he was long gone, I climbed up a tree. I stared at the grass that needed cutting "oh Ally, what have you done" I said to myself
  3. Soon it's 10:00Pm, lucky today was firday. (no school the next day) I stared at the sky and someone I didn't know said to me "Hello" I looked down to see a guy with black hair and ocean blue eyes. He waved and then yelled to me "can I come up?" I nodded and who great speed, he climbed the big tree. He sat next to me "I am Ally" I introduced myself,. He seemed taken back "I am Drake! Nice to meet you" I nodded and agreement. We looked up at the stars together "they are so pretty" I said smiling up at them "like you" Drake mutter under his breath, I ignored it. "So do you go to this school? I never seen you" I asked him. He laughed "yeah I am new, I hope you can show me around on Monday" he said smiling, I laugh "Sure" I replied. Then he asked me a weird question "Do you have a boyfriend?" I was shocked "no, I am not looking for one. I guess" I told him and he nodded sadly and looked back up at the stars.
  4. At 11:00Pm Drake and I said our goodbyes and went back to our dorms. I walked in to see Amanda asleep on the floor with Chris. I laughed in my head and tip toed to my room. I got ready for bed, without dinner and went to sleep. () Dream () I sit near a fireplace with Drake and Sky beside me. Then I hear screams, my screams. I burrow my head in my knees. Drake an Sky hug me as a monester creeps up behind us. () back awake () I wake up and look at the time 5:30am. I get ready and go downstairs to Amanda and Chris kissing again
  5. I garb and apple and wink at Amanda, I head out the door to see a (colour of car) (type of car) My mouth drops open and Drake gets out of the car with black shades and a jacket. He smiles at my mouth open, I shut it but something tell me he wanted to do that to me. He laughs and says "hey Ally, want to go for a ride" he asks me. I nod and hop in the car. Its just him and me, I just had to read his thoughts. ---Drakes thoughts-- Okay I got her in the car, she is hot! I love her Blue eyes and smile but after today she will be begging me to go out with her again.
  6. I stoped reading his thoughts and he said to me "so do you like Ice-cream?" I looked down at the seats of the car "yeah" I said shyly. Well, I thought to myself. I he was begging for a show, I might as well play along. Drake laughed "good cause were getting some" The car pulled up at a little ice-cream shop. The shop was green and had a sign that said 'fat free Ice-cream' I smiled I thought of yummy Ice-cream. Drake got out of the car and came around and opened my door, I steped out of the car and said "thanks" I walked up to the shop, Drake beside me. We lpoked at the diffrent kinds we could get "I like Passion fruit! I am vetting it!" I decied and payed he lady. Drake got the same "um...this is nice" Drake said as we sat and his car and ate it. I looked at him "your have not tryed it before?" I asked holding his ice-cream as he got the car stared. He nodded "never, but you have good taste so i thought I might like it" I blushed a light pink amd then we turned up at a park. I chucked my ice-cream cup in the bin amd walked. The bids flew away as I got near to them and the wind blew my hair. It happen to blow when I turn around, I saw Drake staring mouth open at me. I looked around no one but me "Drake? Are you ok?" I asked, a bit worried. He snapped back into it "yeah" This wasn't a date...was it? We walk into the forest and sit on a tree. I start singing "airplanes in the night sky are like..." But Drake cut me off with a kiss in the cheek "I am sorry" he said jumping down, I jump down with him an then BAM
  7. Drake turned around to see that John punched him in the head "John! Sky an now Drake!! WHATS THE MATTER WITH YOU!" I yell at him. He gives me another cold glare. John says the same thing "he kissed you" I look down and Drake punched John. I look up and run in the middle of them "Guys now your Even, Drake Go home. I need to talk to John" Drake nods and kisses me on the forehead and leaves. When he is far away I turn to John "what the yell!! So everytime A guy kisses me or is going to, you punch them in the head! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU" I yell at him and he turns to go but with his back to me he says "he is not right for you"
  8. I shake my head and go home but the next day I get a vist.
  9. Thanks For those that gave me comments!!! Sky: blond hair, blue eyes. Chris: Blong hair, green eyes. John golden brown hair and black eyes. Austin: ??? Drake: black hair and ocean blue eyes!

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