How Well Do You Know The Scaly Spell?

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There Are Many Scaly Spell Fan's Out There? AfterAll You will find out if you know about the scaly spell. What Is A Mermaid? It is a some thing graceful beatuiful.

Are You A Fan? Do have what it takes to know all the info?? Just In A Few Minutes You'll Find Out If You know the Scaly Spell Just as any fan!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Lindsey

  1. What Is Lindsey's Name In The Scaly Spell?
  2. When Holly wakes up and checks her phone what does it say?
  3. How Does Holly Get Wet Before She Transforms?
  4. What Color Is Holly's Tail?
  5. What Color Is Holly's P.J. shirt when she woke up and checked her phone?
  6. What Does Holly Have For Food When She Wakes Up From After Swimming?
  7. What Does Holly Use The Break Into The Supplies Closet?
  8. What does Holly drink after she transforms?
  9. Where Does Holly Go Swimming?
  10. What Color was Holly's Straw In Her Cup of water?
  11. What Power Does Holly Do First?
  12. What Is the last scene of episode 1?
  13. Where Is Most Of This Take Place?
  14. Where Is Lindsey's Tail From?
  15. What Other Show's Does Lindsey Star In?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Scaly Spell?