Fragments of my memory Pt 3

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You may have seen the parts so far but there is much more to come. You might love these twists and turns and the drama it might uncover. You might not... but I hope you enjoy this quiz... You never know what's going to happen next.

Ok so a bit about the main character. She has blonde hair and grey eyes. She has a fiery personality and somewhat of an attitude. She is an outsider. People can tell she's different. She can see auras and ghosts and she is a newly turned werewolf.

Created by: Freeze

  1. Hy guys I'm sorry I haven't gotten one up in a while! I put up part 2 about a month ago and only one person took it... I just really want to get this started up again. Anyway I hope you enjoy it!
  2. Aura colours... RED: life force, survival, raw passion, anger, frustration, menstruation, determination, sense of importance, feeling overwhelmed by change. ORANGE: sensuality, physical pleasure, emotional self-expression, creativity, lacking reason, lacking self-discipline, health, vitality. YELLOW: mental alertness, analytical thought, happiness, optimism, child-like, ego driven, thinking at expense of feeling. GREEN: healing, peace, nurturing, new growth, fear, need for security, jealousy and envy, balance. BLUE: verbal communication, freethinking, relating to structure and organization, emphasis on business, sadness, possibilities. PURPLE: wisdom, authoritative, matriarchal, sense of superiority, controlling, imagination, intuition. BROWN: grounding, down to earth, practical, invalidating, emphasizing body and denying spirit, feeling worth-less. BLACK: issues relating to death, hatred, lack of forgiveness, unresolved karma, dark intentions, shadow games, needing compassion for self. PINK: self-love, tenderness, emphasis on physical appearances, being 'nice' at expense of being 'real.' WHITE (CLOUDY): New Age or religious energy, lacking consciousness, a cover-up, denial, being 'good' at expense of being 'whole.' WHITE (CLEAR LIGHT): very high spiritual vibration, godly, divine, inspiration, seeing spiritual big picture, compassionate. GOLD: high spiritual vibration, integrity, respect, freedom, clear seeing, integrating spirit and body, creating as spirit.
  3. Wolf ranks … ALPHA MALE: Male leader. ALPHA FEMALE: Female leader. BETA MALE: Male deputy. BETA FEMALE: Female deputy. DELTA MALE: Male beta in training. DELTA FEMALE: Female beta in training. APPRENTICES: A wolf in training for a rank. SHAMAN: Medicine wolf with spiritual connections. HEALERS: Helpers of the shaman. No spiritual connections. HUNTERS: Hunters. WARRIORS: Fighters. SENTINEL: Patrollers. SCOUTS: Warn the pack of danger. Visits other packs, messengers. ELDERS: Old wolves. PUP WATCHERS: Watches the pups. SUBORDINATES: Unranked wolves. OMEGA: The lowest of the low in wolf rankings. Usually used as slaves.
  4. *Recap* An unfamiliar pack came to your territory and you went to fight them. But you found out you had been claimed by them and that they were there to take you home, to Wyoming... Got it?
  5. I woke up as the plane hit the tarmac surface of the runway. We had hit our home turf. Wyoming... I got my stuff from the overhead locker, the stuff I had gotten from my house back in London. Just in case I haven't told you I do have a bit of a British accent but no one really notices when everyone's got it. To be honest I think it kind of annoyed the Delta Male, Onyx. He was a strange one that one. They didn't have many females either. No pack ever does, except that one in the Coney Islands that had about ten. The biggest amount in one pack at the same time in existence. Here it was just me, Neon and the Shaman. I think her name is Anita. She came to Wyoming with her family for a holiday, she's Japanese. We get along rather well if I do say so myself. Neon is Canadian anyway. She was born in Wyoming but threw herself off a bridge. If Richard hadn't been there then she wouldn't be alive today. Our parents all think we're dead. Except Alric's. He's a purebred. One of very few. It's a shame I had to leave my car behind but Alric said he would buy me a new one. His father was supposed to be sort of hundred millionaire and he didn't mind spending the money. He just kept getting more anyway. I sighed and hoped off the plane. Alric offered that I could stay with him and Anita offered as well but I actually remembered someone from my past in a dream last night and I wanted them to tell me as much as possible. It just so happened they lived near the new school I was attending. They even went there. I didn't think I used to live in Wyoming... I was pretty sure it was somewhere in England. Maybe we were pen pals, or we met when I was on a holiday. Anyway, I rang the number I searched up when i had grabbed the rest of my bags from the baggage area and everyone else had left. "Hey Atlas! What happened to you, you went completely off the grids! We were so worried about you!" She kept on rambling on about how she missed me and everything and I didn't even remember her name.
  6. "Yea, look... I need somewhere to stay while I'm in Wyoming... and I found you in my phone book..." "Of course girl come over!" "Great thanks, I'll see you in a bit..." "K bye I'll see you when you get here!" I hung up and watched as the next plane took of. I hopped into a taxi and it drove over to whoever's house I was staying at. I got out of the taxi and payed him with an a hundred dollar note and told him to keep the change. He tipped his hat to me although I wasn't looking and he drove off. I inhaled the scent off the air and something told me to be afraid, to be very afraid. I saw a ghost zoom past me and I jumped back onto the road. I swerved out of the way as a car came towards me. "Get of the road!" I heard the drive scream after me. I walked back onto the sidewalk and the ghost chuckled. "It's just me Cy, it's Ember!" "Oh hey Em, you scared me to death." She giggled. "That was not a pun!" I laughed back at her. "I know." She said while calming down. "Where are you going?" She asked me. "I'm going to stay at an old friend’s house where I don't even know her name or what she does for a living!" "Oh well you better be wary in this land Cy, the hunters are everywhere." "Thanks and one more thing, why did she call me Atlas?" Em just shrugged her shoulders and vanished into thin air. I walked up some stone steps to a small house that was all white. There was a symbol painted on the door, I noticed as i knocked. It was in red and I thought it smelt like blood, but it couldn't be. It's probably red paint. I knocked again when no answer came to the door. I saw the door open but the chain stopped it from opening more than a little. It looked like she was holding a crossbow in her hands. "Why are you holding a crossbow?" I asked. "Oh it's you Atlas! You smell different." I sniffed the air picking up my scent; I didn't smell that bad did I? I did take a shower.
  7. She closed the door and then I heard the chains unlock. She opened it wide and gave me a hug. "You really do smell different," she said while wrinkling her nose. "What does my smell have to do with this?" I ask. "Never mind, come in. I hope you don't mind that I have people over." "No it's fine; it is your house after all." She chuckled and led me to the lounge room. As soon as I came in everyone started staring at me. "Why are they all staring at me?" I asked. There were guys and girls and they were making me uncomfortable. I saw pictures of me and these people on the walls but nothing rung a bell. Then they all went into cheers and started hugging me. "Nice to see you Atlas!" They all said. "Hi." I said with a shy wave of my hand. "Do you remember our names?" The girl, whose house I was staying in, asked. "No." I admitted after a little silence. I hung my head over, defeated. They introduced themselves again and told me how we knew each other but again, nothing rang a bell. And yet the whole room felt empty because there was one name that didn't come up. Dante... "It's Mia." She said to me as someone said, "Who smells dog?" I went rigid all over but I don't think anyone noticed. "Ok guys it's time to leave so that Atlas can get herself settled." "Yea we know, glad your back Atlas," One of the guys said while winking at me and ruffling my hair. I decided to act normal and joke about it. "Anything but the face or the hair dude!" Everyone laughed as I put my hands up. "Believe me I wish." He said to one of his friends while tossing me another wink. What's up with this dude, did he have some sort of eye disorder?
  8. They all departed and I looked apologetically at Mia but she had her back turned. Her shoulders shaking slightly as she led me up the stairs. When we entered the new room I would be calling 'mine' she shut the door. I jumped a little at the sound. "Do you really not remember me, at all?" She asked a bit shakily. "No, I'm sorry Mia." I reached out and held her arm. "Do you remember any of them?!" She shouted to me and shook of my hand. "No." I admitted while slumping on the bed. She joined me with her head in her hands. "She picked up a photo frame and showed it to me. She stroked the frame and I could tell the picture was very dear to her. "That's us at my sweet sixteenth." The photo was of her wearing a pink dress and I was wearing a neon green one. I'd always loved that colour and not known why. We were clinking martini glasses at a club. But I didn't remember any of it. "They got to you didn't they?" She said as she saw the blank look on my face. "Who." I said with a nervous twitch. I was afraid of whom she was talking about but she couldn't know... "The wolves." She interrupted my thoughts with. "How did you?" I whispered and took a long deep breath. "I can smell them on you."
  9. Hey guys I'm going to leave it there. I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes. They really are inevitable especially when I'm in a rush like this. I know I haven't put this out in ages and I should have put it out sooner but I started some new quiz series that I am planning on continuing. I've got Vampire Academy Love Story and Maybe Hogwarts Isn't So Easy After All and my sneak peeks of course ;) When I get out my next HP quiz I will put the title of the next sneak peek that I'm putting up and let you think what may happen.
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