Hogwarts Love Story Pt 41

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Your memory is progressing but for now, you're stuck until one of the guys triggers a memory. But what if the memory has a strong emotion and you still don't know? Neville can answer that one.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. Hey guys, here we go with Part 41! (I lost count for a second) So, we have two songs here: /watch?v=Z5fT7uvpZOo for questions 7-10 and this song is for questions 11 till the end /watch?v=iZeomtLGCbc . Enjoy!
  2. A bit dazed you released a smile. There was no memory of Ron you could recall but you preferred for things to stay that way. “Quite a move you did, leaving right in the middle of class.” Ron commended you but you didn’t feel right accepting that praise. Ron held out your books that you left in class; unknowingly you left them you grabbed them and thank him. “It’s no problem. I’m happy to do it!” You noticed that Ron had a bit of dust on his shoulder; you extended your hand and brushed it off. “Oh, well…that’s-” You laughed and told him he didn’t have to explain. In retrospect, there was a brawl between Neville, Reese, Harry and Ron to decide who would be the one to give ______’s books back to her. You held the books close to your chest and Ron noticed the maroon sweater you had around you. “Is that Oliver’s? Have you seen him, his friend Robbie has been looking for him?” Ron asked, when Ron mentioned Oliver’s name, you were quite hesitant. “Yeah, he’s by the astronomy tower.” You pointed out, Ron smiled but he didn’t move an inch.
  3. You looked at him with a puzzled face “Are you going to tell Robbie?” You asked but he just shrugged it off and smiled “He’ll find him eventually besides, it feels as if I haven’t seen you in years.” “I saw you during class.” You joked as place a strand of hair behind your ear. His face turned a soft pink as you pointed out the obvious but you found it sweet Ron wanted to spend some time with you. Ron suggested if you wanted to take a walk, truth was you just wanted to sit down but hopefully a walk will get things off your mind. “So, Harry tells me you’re starting to remember, right?” You laughed and nodded “How many people did Harry exactly tell?” Ron made a face to show he was deep in thought even if the question was rhetorical. “Whoever cares, I guess. But it’s great to know that you’re starting to remember!” You smiled but knowing that you only had one positive memory wasn’t a good thing. “I guess.” You said trying to smile but Ron wasn’t quick to catch the feelings. “So, what do you remember?”
  4. “Nothing worth sharing, meaning they were filled with Umbridge.” You lied to Ron. He felt sympathetic but he seemed to understand what you were pointing at. “That’s a shame. The only memories you could recall are filled with Umbridge but I’m glad that you don’t remember anything with me.” Ron said and you stopped in your tracks and feared for that white light but there was nothing. Ron turned back and looked over his shoulder “________?” You looked up and smiled, “Sorry. These books are heavy.” You said. A little white lie wasn’t going to harm anyone. “Do you want me to carry them?” He offered as he walked over and extended his hand out for the books, Ron was being kind and the small lies and the major lies weren’t what he deserved. “It’s okay. I can handle it. Besides, you’re a Prefect, if I remember. Shouldn’t you be attending to your duties?” You questioned as you gave a smile, he withdrew his hand and smiled. “I should be but I think I can bend the rules for a friend in need. I mean, losing my rights as a Prefect is nothing than almost losing a friend.” He smiled but then he looked out the window and noticed the sun was about to set “But now, that you mentioned it. I will have a row with Hermione if I’m late. Do you mind or do you want me to walk you to your common room?” He asked with a smile but you knew better than to keep someone from their duty, Cedric was exempted from this rule. “I can manage. Say “Hi” to Hermione for me!” You smiled and wave, he gave a departing wave before running down the hall.
  5. You were now alone in the isolated hall, frequently a student or two would pass by but there was not a soul, living or dead in the halls. Oliver’s words were still ringing in your ears clear as day “I’m starting to question whether she even loved me or felt sad when we broke up.” You questioned yourself if Oliver’s words scratched the surface deep inside of you but nothing. There was nothing. You searched deep inside but the further you searched, you felt the depth for what seems to be Marianas Trench deep in your heart; no matter how far you searched, it seemed endless. “Deep in thought or hardly thinking?” A voice asked out of the blue, you looked over your shoulder and met the eyes the Prince; you came to know as Neville. There was a warm feeling whenever he was near, he radiated with euphoria and that euphoria he radiated, you gladly accepted it. “I’m trying to do a bit of both but mainly the first one.” You smiled as you stopped and turned sideways to get a better view of Neville’s face. “Well, don’t strain yourself. You should relax, especially since you got back. I really don’t want to see you in the Hospital bed again.” He smiled
  6. “If it means getting out of detention with Umbridge, I really wouldn’t mind.” You joked and Neville let out a laugh, his hands were tinted with faint layer of dirt. “Do you want me to wait for you after? I’ve done it before.” He said after a few laughs, you gave a perplexing smile “Did you?” He nodded and tilted his head as his eyes looked up “Well, that was 2 months ago and let’s just say that wasn’t the first time you and Professor Umbridge went at it during class.” He laughed sheepishly, you believed him but you joined the laughter even if the memory did bring back pain, you needed something to laugh about. “It’s okay. You don’t have to.” “I don’t have to but I WANT to.” Somehow the words were familiar but you really couldn’t put your finger on it. “Why?” “Because…” Neville said as he began to walk, he didn’t look at you in the eye although you could see he was lost in thought but really, he was distracted by an event that happened in front of the both of you. There in front, was Robbie and Oliver
  7. It seems they were in a heated argument, Oliver was in his white t-shirt still and Robbie was in a plain black shirt with a denim jean jacket. You never really paid attention to Robbie but now that you did, you saw his eyes were almost the same color as Cedric’s except his tinted more of a gold color and his hair was unusual as it was jet black at a medium length and similar to Oliver’s hair. “C’mon man.” Robbie said. From the distance, you and Neville were unseen but could hear every word. “I already talked to Dumbledore; he’s allowing me to stay.” Oliver said as he placed his hands in his pockets; Robbie flipped some strands of hair to the side and crossed his arms as he leaned against the cobblestone wall. “But the Coach isn’t letting you, we have a game coming up and-” “Fine…All I wanted was to see if ______ will be okay, she is, even if she doesn’t remember all the times we spent together. Draco is only half way done but I don’t know if I can wait any longer.” Robbie scratched the back of his head and placed his hand on Oliver’s shoulder. “You should really let her go now. It’s been three years.” And with that, Robbie directed Oliver down the hall leaving you with sorrow. “________?” Neville’s voice chimed
  8. You opened your eyes and looked over at Neville “I’m sorry, you were saying?” Neville observed your face, you showed no emotions but he knew deep inside, you were upset. He let out a sigh and smiled, he shook his head but you weren’t fond of that. “Tell me!” You grabbed his arm but he smiled and placed his vacant head at the back of his head and look up “Why do I do what I do? Well maybe because…” He thought about it but as you observed his face, he looked to the right and you saw an emotion that you couldn’t put your finger on but it was obvious. “Well, because I…” He was being hesitant but he let his hand dropped and gave a reassuring smile and the words that fell out of his mouth were gentle but all of a sudden, you were bothered. “Because I’m your best friend, that’s why.” There was a silence and he nodded “Yeah, ever since first year; do you remember?”
  9. Sadly, you didn’t but Neville didn’t feel upset, he understood “You were crying when I first met you, under the Willow tree by the Black Lake.” He said; you gave him a blank you and he walked over to sit by the open ledge of the Transfiguration Courtyard. He let the gentle wind kiss his face, you remained where you stood and looked at the sun shining on his face. “It was after I had my first flying class. I sprained my arm and I was walking to Care of Magical creatures, the Gryffindors usually shared that class with the Slytherins, so I never knew you then. But as I was making my way, I saw a girl under the Willow Tree as she hugged her knees close to her chest.” He smiled; the way he was described was your only way of remembering. You imagined a smaller and chubbier version of Neville and yourself, a petite 1st year. You could hear the high-pitch voices of the children until Neville’s voice began again. "I walked over and I could hear the girl's sobbing grow louder, I asked her "Are you okay?" and then you lifted your head and looked at me with your ______ colored eyes. You quickly stopped crying but you started again a few seconds later. I told you "It's alright." and I gave you my handkerchief; you were hesitant taking it but you grabbed it. You hardly spoke that time.
  10. "There you are, just let it all out. I'm Neville" I said to you, you mumbled your name. I was never good at talking to people but when I saw you crying, I had to break out of that bad habit. So I asked you again, what your name was and you let it out “________” You said.” Neville said as he looked at you, in his eyes, he imagined the girl from 1st year who never talked nor cried in front of everyone, to see how you’ve grown now, Neville was amazed. “I smiled at you and then I said “________? Nice to meet you. Why are you crying?” You made a face and handed back my handkerchief and firmly said “I wasn’t crying. I never cry. Why are you even talking to me? You’ll probably make fun of me like the entire Slytherins do!” You yelled but I shook my head and told you that I’m not one of those people. You felt resentful for what you said but I smiled and then you told me “My parents split up. I’ll never be happy again!” Right there, you were so blunt. I was so surprised at that time but I smiled and said “It’s alright, from now on, I promise to bring a smile to your face. I’ll…I’ll protect you.” Neville laughed and shook his head “It’s amazing how I remember all of this so clearly, right?” You laughed and nodded, it was amazing but you didn’t want to interrupt him because you wanted to remember and as Neville continued to talk, you could feel a familiar presence coming.
  11. Neville began again with the flashback you two supposedly shared “After that day, we were really good friends. Throughout first year, you really didn’t understand my obsession over plants and you were still as quiet as ever. We were both picked on by the Slytherins which made us so close, then second year, you came back completely matured. It was if you were a complete stranger, but you approached me and was glad to see me. You grew your hair and your eyes smiled often, but you were still intimidated by the Slytherins; I asked about your parents and you sighed and talked about how your dad met with another woman and-” Before Neville could continue, you lost your balance. The familiar presence submerged and took control, more powerful and stronger than ever, a bright white light surrounded you. “______!” Neville’s voice said as it began to fade “________” He called again but this time; it transitioned to another voice “_______...We need to talk.” “All of us” It was a completely different voice but there was more than one. “Coming Mum, coming Dad!”
  12. Ta-da! Well, we just have to wait for the next release which I’ve been working on for a while and should be release very soon! I hope you like this release! I adored Neville in this scene and felt such a strong connection with him! I really can’t wait for the next release because, it’s heartfelt! Well, enough talking! See you later!

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