Fragments of my memory Pt 2

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You may have seen the parts so far but there is much more to come. You might love these twists and turns and the drama it might uncover. You might not... but I hope you enjoy this quiz... You never know what's going to happen next.

Ok so a bit about the main character. She has blonde hair and grey eyes. She has a fiery personality and somewhat of an attitude. She is an outsider. People can tell she's different. She can see auras and ghosts and she is a newly turned werewolf.

Created by: Freeze

  1. Aura colours... RED: life force, survival, raw passion, anger, frustration, menstruation, determination, sense of importance, feeling overwhelmed by change ORANGE: sensuality, physical pleasure, emotional self-expression, creativity, lacking reason, lacking self-discipline, health, vitality YELLOW: mental alertness, analytical thought, happiness, optimism, child-like, ego driven, thinking at expense of feeling GREEN: healing, peace, nurturing, new growth, fear, need for security, jealousy and envy, balance BLUE: verbal communication, freethinking, relating to structure and organization, emphasis on business, sadness, possibilities PURPLE: wisdom, authoritative, matriarchal, sense of superiority, controlling, imagination, intuition BROWN: grounding, down to earth, practical, invalidating, emphasizing body and denying spirit, feeling worth-less BLACK: issues relating to death, hatred, lack of forgiveness, unresolved karma, dark intentions, shadow games, needing compassion for self PINK: self-love, tenderness, emphasis on physical appearances, being 'nice' at expense of being 'real' WHITE (CLOUDY): New Age or religious energy, lacking consciousness, a cover-up, denial, being 'good' at expense of being 'whole' WHITE (CLEAR LIGHT): very high spiritual vibration, godly, divine, inspiration, seeing spiritual big picture, compassionate GOLD: high spiritual vibration, integrity, respect, freedom, clear seeing, integrating spirit and body, creating as spirit
  2. Wolf ranks... ALPHA MALE: Male leader. ALPHA FEMALE: Female leader. BETA MALE: Male deputy. BETA FEMALE: Female deputy. DELTA MALE: Male beta in training. DELTA FEMALE: Female beta in training. APPRENTICES: A wolf in training for a rank. SHAMAN: Medicine wolf with spiritual connections. HEALERS: Helpers of the shaman. No spiritual connections. HUNTERS: Hunters. WARRIORS: Fighters. SENTINEL: Patrollers. SCOUTS: Warn the pack of danger. Visits other packs, messengers. ELDERS: Old wolves. PUP WATCHERS: Watches the pups. SUBORDINATES: Unranked wolves. OMEGA: The lowest of the low in wolf rankings. Usually used as slaves.
  3. *Recap* You only have 2 females in the pack, you and Chalice. You can't remember anything from your past life except your school and that your old name might begin with an A. You keep on remembering the name Dante and you don't know why. You had an important meeting with your pack for ranks, you didn't get a rank, the commands from Embry started not to take effect and you went to school. Embry followed you to school and you went back with him to the pack. Then another pack was heard and Embry told you to get back because they had come to claim. Got it?
  4. I wasn't about to stand by and let them hurt my pack. Especially Chalice. I let out a loud growl and felt the rip and crack of changing bones. When my change had completed I let out a howl. Shannon and Ulrick appeared beside me and Embry let out a sigh in his wolf form. The pack could usually see my every thought and I could see theirs. But the voices in my head were silent and that just made me feel more worried. Something was very wrong. They still managed to figure out why I was doing this but they didn't like it. I started running into the woods with them in tow. Embry howled at me to come back but I just kept on going. I caught the scent of fur from another pack. They were closer than I expected. They smelled different. They weren't a pack from around here. They weren't even from this continent. I figured as I sniffed in their foreign sent. They must have come here for a damn good reason.
  5. They had a particular smell but I just couldn't put my paw on it. I heard a growl from behind me and I turned. The instant I turned the wolf tilted their head to the side. 'Who are you?' Said a voice in my head. I was startled and moved back a little bit. It was a male voice. 'I'm Cyra and you are.' 'Aric.' He replied. 'So you're who Richard claimed the other night.' That's why... 'C-Claimed me...' 'Yea. Sorry about that.' He was one of the nicest werewolves I'd ever met. 'B-But I don't want to leave Chalice.' 'Who's Chalice?' Chimed in a female voice from somewhere. 'My friend.' I said. Then the wolf that matched the voice popped her head out of some ferns. 'We can't get her. She's heavily protected and we didn't come here for a fight.' 'Then why did you come?' I asked. 'So we could get you and bring you home.' Chimed in another voice. Male. 'Where is home?' I asked. 'Wyoming.' Said Aric.
  6. 'Wyoming?' I asked. 'United states.' Said the male voice. I sighed in my head. 'I guess we better go then...' 'Don't be so sad. It's not like you had a great time with your last pack.' 'True but Chalice...' 'We would get her if we could but we have to go.' 'Ok.' I followed Aric and Neon to the rest of the Wyoming pack. Neon was the female's name. In a small clearing I saw the Wyoming wolf pack. 'Time we go home. Seems like we have overstayed our welcome.' Said the same male voice as before. I ran with them and I could feel the wind rushing through my fur. I got acquainted with all of them and I found that male voice was Richard's. He was the beta male. Aric was Alpha and Neon was Richard's mate. She was beta female. We ate a few deer on the way and that made me happy. I enjoyed the feel of the hunt. Maybe a bit more than the other wolves and I wondered what I had done in my past life to bring that on. Before we disappeared from the mountain I turned to look at the mountains again. I said a silent goodbye. 'Cy are you coming?' Asked Neon. 'Yea.' I replied.
  7. Sorry this is short! But I desperately wanted to get this out! I know it's been a while! I hope you liked it and again, sorry to cut it short. Thanks for taking the quiz!
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