Are You A Good Kisser?

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There are a few great kisses in this world, are you one of them? Because sometimes people think they are good kisses, but they really aren't. Do you believe you are one of those believers? Or are you just plain bad at the kissing arts.

Are YOU a good kisser? Do you have that special saucyness to your kisses? Do you have that steamy christmas day feeling in your mouth when you kiss? if you do it means your great! SO now lets see if you really ARE good!

Created by: katarina
  1. Do you close your eyes when you kiss?
  2. Do you wrap your arms around the person when you kiss?
  3. Do you kiss above 5 times a day or below?
  4. What shape are your lips?
  5. You dream of kisses
  6. You brush your teeth and make sure you have fresh breathe no matter where you go
  7. You have kissed above or below 6 people in your whole lifetime! (This means a proper smooch!)
  8. Do you think you are a good kisser? (Be honest, this wont effect your score!)
  9. Do you have a good sence of smell and taste?
  10. You have a boyfriend/girlfriend? (This wont effect your score!)
  11. You love kisses?
  12. BE HONEST: Have you EVER kissed someone when they had bad breathe but didn't tell them?
  13. Whats your favourite kiss?
  14. Were you born below or above the year 1960
  15. Can you do tongue tricks without pressure and constant trying?
  16. Do you eat many foods that make your breathe smell? BE HONEST!
  17. Have you ever kissed someone just because you needed a kiss?
  18. And finally.... do you know if other people think you are a good kisser?

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