What Do Your Kisses Taste Like?

Kissing is perhaps the deepest and purest form of physical affection. Some people kiss for fun, some kiss for love, but let's face it, most everyone likes to kiss.

So, as the title suggests, this quiz will, based on an evaluation of your personality, determine what your kisses taste like, and what they say about you.

Created by: Katherine

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  1. People often describe your kisses as...
  2. When do you think it's alright to kiss someone you've recently started dating?
  3. How long does it take for you to warm up to someone new?
  4. Your absolute, fairytale-perfect kiss would be...
  5. When you notice a cute guy/girl looking at you, you...
  6. Your ideal first date would be...
  7. Your favorite movies are usually...
  8. The ultimate turn-off for you is...
  9. The one thing that could ruin a kiss for you?
  10. Your biggest problem when it comes to finding love?

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Quiz topic: What Do my Kisses Taste Like?